Multiple accounts

Started by Lori


Hello. I bought a premium subscription, I chose the IP security and one account only option (because I can choose only one option), all good so far, but users can create multiple account and vote again and again. How can I avoid that?

Markus Huber

Hello Lori!

To really make sure that everyone can vote only once, you can only allow invited users. However, you would need to know the email address of the participants. We will then create a code that can be used once and expires after participation.

Unfortunately it is not so easy to prevent double participation of unknown users. We can only make it harder for them to vote twice. You can find more information here:

In our opinion it is easier and faster to manipulate a cookie or IP address than to create an account. Therefore, we prioritize the account over the IP address check. But we are open for discussion.

I hope I was able to help.


Hello, Markus,
Thank you for your response, I just wanted to make sure that I've tried all the methods to prevent double-voting.
Also, great job with this website, helped me a lot with a contest, I'll make sure my friends will find out about it.