Controlling Text Formatting

Started by Duane Percox

Duane Percox

I would like to know how I can change the font/size/bold/italic/color/etc for any text I create that will be displayed. This is an issue when the theme is busy/dark and the default text formatting gets lost in the background. If this is not possible then please feel free to slide this need over as a feature suggestion!

Markus Huber

I'm not sure I understand you correctly. You can fill the background of headlines in the 'My Themes' section for your themes to guarantee readability.

But you want to change the fonts e.g. in the tables? Maybe you can send me a screenshot for better understanding.

Markus Huber

After a consultation it turned out that it was primarily about the readability of the description and the comments.

We have just deployed an improvement. A slightly thicker font and a clearer background make all themes easier to read. In addition, the background is completely opaque when hovering with the mouse.

Thanks for your feedback!
I hope the changes solve the problem?

Duane Percox

The solution is good for me. Very readable. The opaque on hover is a nice touch.

Thanks for the quick response!