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Create polls and tables online

Create free polls and surveys without registration. Prioritize ideas, distribute tasks, rate pictures, create bring lists and find the best date - all with one tool!

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Votings on dates, free text, pictures and files.


Tables and lists for collecting information and ideas.

Collect ideas

Create brainstorming sessions and discuss ideas.

  1. Create a PollUnit and choose the options, users can vote for
  2. Send a link to Your PollUnit to all participants
  3. Wait for Your participants to vote
  4. Send the result of Your PollUnit to all participants.

From the basic settings to advanced settings. With PollUnit you ...

...create quickly and easily your own poll!

You will be guided step by step through the creation of your poll. In order to find the correct type of poll, you get help by our schema preview.

Whether you are planning a trip or a celebration with your friends, or you start a poll where to go for lunch with the colleagues: we have a suitable theme for you.

Customize your pollUnit!

Just choose one of our designs while creating your survey.

Public themes

Theme Creator

Your pollUnit is supposed to be something special? Customize it with own pictures and color combinations.

Theme Creator

With our Theme Creator, you can easily create new designs and save them in your theme library.

Sometimes a simple yes/no answer is not enough. For example, you're making a survey about a new holiday destination. You like all options. But some of them you like more than others.

Optimize your decission making

With PollUnit you can choose between a normal yes/no answer, star rating and dot voting. This means that all participants in your poll can not only evaluate each option - They also can prioritize each option.

You can decide if your users have to choose from a selection of predefined options or your participants can add new options.

Let your users become creative

At food lists for example: you do not have to select what         have to be brought along. Everyone can decide for themselves. You can distribute tasks, but you are flexible enough to get up new requirements.

Secure connection

We use the encryption system SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to secure data exchange.

Email invitations

Invite your friends or colleagues via emails in their own design.

Optional password protection

Secure your surveys with a password.


Learn more about your survey! See the the distribution of the votes and users who have not voted yet.

Find a date

Quick and uncomplicated appointments - find a date with or without time.

Find a time period

Decide with your friends about time spans, e.g. the ideal period for your holidays.

Vote for images

Whether as an agency or private person - present your pictures and designs and let vote for them.

Distribute tasks

Create todo lists and distribute tasks to your participants.


The basic functions to create your surveys are free.

Advanced settings

like: private polls, limit per option, deadlines and many more.

Vote without account

No registration required to create or participate in surveys.

Dot Voting

Quickly and easily prioritize and restrict options in a team.

Subtitle per option

Every option can have an additional and individual text or information.

Link per option

Every option can have an individual link, pointing to additional information or websites.

Excel and CSV Export

Export your polls as XLSX or CSV and use the data in your office program of choice.

Own Logos

Brand your polls with a logo.

Clone your polls

Copy existing surveys with all their options and quickly create duplicates. Ideal for recurring polls.


Customize your scheduling with snow, rain, flickering stars and fireflies

Negative votes

Make decisions and find the option with the lowest resistance or greatest acceptance in a group.

Activity log

Notifications about new or deleted votes and comments in your timeline.

Vote for files

Polls with file attachment per option. Upload your pdf, zip, docx, xlsx, pptx, txt files.

Groups and teams

Manage groups such as friends, family and colleagues and invite them to your polls.


Embed your poll and votings directly on your website.

Randomize options

To avoid order bias, you can shuffle your poll options automatically.


Create and manage your PollUnits as a team. Share access and admin rights with employees.

Custom URLs

Choose your Poll URL. Like:

Easy sharing

Share your online voting using QR Codes, WhatsApp, email...

Made with love

Created and hosted in Germany.

PollUnit + Slack

Integrate PollUnit into Slack and create native Slack votings. Your team can participate in the Slack polls directly in App and vote for options or prioritize them with our star rating.

More about Slack votings

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