Advanced poll features

If you are new to PollUnit, take a look at our introductory tutorial. Here we explain how you can adapt your survey to your needs with our advanced settings.

Create your first poll

In the first step of your poll creation you can open further settings for your online voting by clicking on »Advanced Schema Settings«.

Online voting
Poll and voice types

The PollUnit type describes the type of options that participants can vote for. You can vote on dates, time spans, pictures, files and free text.

The vote type describes how your participants can vote. You can select Yes/No, Star rating and Dot-Voting. You'll find a more detailed explanation below.

An addon changes the scheme of your PollUnit (see scheme preview). You can use it to expand the contents of your options. You can unlock subtitles and links per option and assign them later in step 2.

You can define different targets. Pay attention to the schema preview when selecting. Scroll down for a list of the different poll targets.

Vote types

Yes / No

Voting with Yes, No and undecided. Negative votes are subtracted from positive votes.


Simple upvoting. Only positive votes are counted.

Star rating

Users can rate options with 0-5 stars.


Users can distribute a predefined number of points among the PollUnit's options. This is how it works:

  • Each participant receives a fixed number of points
  • Each participant distributes his points to the options
  • The option with the most points wins

With the poll target 'least resistance' you can flip the rating and the option wins with the least negative votes.

Poll target

Find best option

The option with the most votes is the best option. Choose this, if for instance you want to find a common appointment.

Best distribution of options

This Method tries to distribute options among participants, so that everyone gets the option he/she likes.
Choose this method, when You for example want to create a service schedule: A set of dates has to be distributed among the participants.

Lowest resistance

This method is looking for the option with the highest acceptance in a group. Your participants can cast resistance votes. The options with the least rejection wins.

In step 2 you can set the options as usual. In the advanced settings (step 4) you can also allow participants to add their own options to your poll.

If you have activated the »Subtitle« addon, you can enter an additional free text for each option.

If you have activated the »Link« addon, you can also enter a link title and a URL for each option. This allows you to provide further information for each option.

Voting with additional text and link
Enhance poll creator functions

In the advanced settings (step 4) you can activate a variety of additional functions for your poll. Simply check the desired feature and continue.

Many of the functions can also be activated when you edit your existing PollUnit. The functions that can no longer be changed are marked with a red X. Below you will find a list with the possible functions for your poll.

PollUnit Features explained

Allow comments

Your PollUnit's participants are allowed to write comments, if they are logged in.

Allow new options

Allows participants to add new options to your PollUnit.

Hide votes (until PollUnit is closed)

In a private PollUnit with hidden votes, participants cannot see other participants' votes. The votes become visible when the PollUnit is closed. However the creator can view the result at any time.

Hide participants

In a private PollUnit with hidden participants, participants cannot see other participants. Even after the PollUnit is closed, the participants remain hidden. However the creator can view the result at any time

Single select

Participants have to decide for one option.

Limit per option

With this, You control how many participants can vote for the same option. You can only change the limit type if no votes have been cast yet.


Set a deadline for your PollUnit, if voting should be allowed only until a certain date.


Secure your PollUnit with a password. Users can only participate and view the PollUnit's result if they know the password.

Randomize options

To avoid order bias, you can shuffle the options for each user.

Invitation required

When "Invitation required" is selected, only users, who received an invitation, are allow to participate in this PollUnit (Users must have a PollUnit account or have to register when they receive the invitation).