How to create surveys and polls with PollUnit

Learn how to easily create online polls, schedulings and prioritization and make group decisions with PollUnit. You can create PollUnits with or without an account. Your participants can also vote as a guest.

Create professional online polls with PollUnit. Here we explain how you can adapt your poll to your needs with our advanced settings.

Learn how to distribute your options to participants. This means that your PollUnit does not search for the most frequently chosen option, but assigns all options or tasks to your participants.

Learn how to participate in group decisions with PollUnit and vote with or without an account account.

Learn how to quickly and easily schedule appointments in groups with PollUnit. Find a date, appointments with time or a period of time. The ideal online scheduler to arrange meetings or to plan your next trip.

Learn how to vote with PollUnit on pictures, photos or drawings. Create online polls with preview and gallery and let your participants rate your images.

Learn how to create online group decisions in your own design. Choose colors and background graphics and save them in a theme for your polls, schedulings and prioritizations.

Learn how to present your brand or company with a logo and brand your group decision. Increase the recognition of your online polls and prioritizations.

Learn how to evaluate your PollUnit. Get a list of all options sorted by votes and get an overview of all participants and find out if they have already voted.

Learn how to use dot-voting in your team to prioritize ideas or identify problems. You also get tips how to make better group decisions.

Create with PollUnit's star rating your own free online range voting. No login or account required.

Integrate polls surveys and polls on your own website. Here we show you how to embed your PollUnit on your homepage. No advanced programming knowledge is needed.

Use PollUnit for your presentation as a real-time element on stage. Let your audience participate interactively with our live polls and votings.

Find solutions with the greatest group acceptance through a dot voting with dissenting votes - with negative points instead of positive points you find the option with particularly high approval.

Learn how to use different security mechanisms to make it more difficult for your participations to vote multiple times in your surveys and votings.

PollUnit + Slack

Integrate PollUnit into Slack and create native Slack votings. Your team can participate in the Slack polls directly in App and vote for options or prioritize them with our star rating.

More about Slack votings