Range Voting

What is Range Voting?

Range Voting, also known as Score Voting is a evaluation system where each participant can rate options. The participant can give each option a score from a given interval.

After voting, the points are summed and the options are sorted by score. The option with the highest score wins.

The evaluation system is mainly known from sports. Here the jury evaluates an athlete with 0 to 10 points. The athlete with the highest average points wins.

At PollUnit you can make range votings using our »star rating«. Star rating is a well-known rating system for products, films and much more.

PollUnit's Star Rating

Create Range Votings

The first steps to your range voting are the same as to your other PollUnits. Simply click on »Create PollUnit« and select your option type.

Create your first poll

In the first step of your PollUnit you will find the »Advanced Schema Settings«. With a click you can open and edit these settings.

Create online rating sheet
Create online star rating

Now you can select the vote type »star rating« and finish the wizard as usual.

Under vote type you will also find the item »Dot-Voting«. This vote type goes one step further than the star rating. Here you can make even more complex settings. You can find more information in our tutorial »Create a online dot voting«.

Now the participants of your range voting can enter themselves into the list and rate the options between 0 and 5 stars.

The option with the highest score is highlighted in the list. The only exceptions are »hidden« votes. With this setting, the score is only displayed after your PollUnit has been completed. As administrator of your poll you always have access to the current score.

Depending on your settings, your participants can also take part in the voting without registering or account. The basic functions of PollUnit are also free!

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