Distribute tasks

Step 1

Target "Optimal distribution of options"

Distribute tasks 1

Let us learn how to distribute your options to participants. This means that your PollUnit does not search for the most frequently chosen option, but assigns all options or tasks to your participants. To prepare your PollUnit for this, you can follow our first tutorial 'Create your first poll' with a few small exceptions we explain here.

Create your first poll

Enter your poll data as usual. Select the 'Optimal distribution of options' in the field 'Target'.

Follow the survey wizard, up to step 4.

Step 4

Limit per option

To assign tasks twice or more, check 'Set limit per option'.

Now you can determine how many participants can vote for the same option.

Distribute tasks 2

ToDo list

Choose a task

Distribute tasks 3

You can now choose your options, as usual.

Already assigned tasks are marked with a red cross.

To see the results of your PollUnit, click on 'Evaluation'.