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Participant limit per PollUnit20202002,00020,000
Maximum file count per PollUnit2020100200200
Maximum file size5 MB5 MB50 MB50 MB50 MB
Secure SSL encryption
Vote for images / files
Realtime Updates (WebSockets)
Optimal distribution of options
Allow comments
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Set deadline
Hidden polls
Randomize options
Set limit per option
Password protection
Single select
Detailled evaluation
Delete votes and comments
Manage groups
Embed poll on your website
Clone PollUnits
Create your own themes
Own logos
CSV export
Encrypt poll content
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PollUnit Features explained

Allow comments

Your PollUnit's participants are allowed to write comments, if they are logged in.

Allow new options

Allows participants to add new options to your PollUnit.

Invitation required

Only users, who received an invitation, are allow to participate in this PollUnit (Users must have a PollUnit account or have to register when they receive the invitation).

Hide votes (until PollUnit is closed)

In a private PollUnit with hidden votes, participants cannot see other participants' votes. The votes become visible when the PollUnit is closed. However the creator can view the result at any time.

Hide participants

In a private PollUnit with hidden participants, participants cannot see other participants. Even after the PollUnit is closed, the participants remain hidden.

Single select

Participants have to decide for one option.

Limit per option

With this, You control how many participants can vote for the same option.


Set a deadline for your PollUnit, if voting should be allowed only until a certain date.


Secure your PollUnit with a password. Users can only participate and view the PollUnit's result if they know the password.

Randomize options

To avoid order bias, you can shuffle the votes for each user.