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What can i do with PollUnit

With PollUnit you can create online polls and tables, as well as distribute tasks. Participation is also possible without registration.

Create voting

PollUnit was designed to easily make decisions in groups. We offer different methods for decision making. You can combine these methods and functions freely and create polls, todo lists, prioritizations and much more and adapt them to your needs.

PollUnit works like this:

  • Create a PollUnit and choose what to vote on
  • Send the link to your PollUnit to all participants
  • Give your attendees time to vote
  • Send the result of your PollUnit to all participants

Create table

With an online table of PollUnit, you can collect information per table column from your participants. Each participant appears in a row of your table.

Collect ideas

With PollUnit you can also collect and rate ideas. Participants can add their ideas with a title and a description. Then all participants can rate and comment on these ideas. This method is ideal for brainstorming. From the best ideas you can also create a vote to find out the best idea.

Create a survey with several questions

Soon you will be able to create questionnaires.

Create a PollUnit

With the PollUnit wizard you can easily create in 5 simple steps surveys, staff lists, or prioritizations.

Choose a poll type

To enter the wizard for creating your poll, click on »Create PollUnit« and select the target of your poll. First you have to decide whether you want the best option (the option with the most votes) or whether you want to distribute the options or tasks automatically among your participants. Then start the poll wizard by clicking on the option type (e.g. date).

Wizard 1 - Basic settings

In the basic settings you determine the title of your PollUnit, the target and voting type of the poll. You can also add a description and location to your poll.

Wizard 2 - Options

Here you can add your options to your poll. Depending on your poll type setting in Wizard Step 1, you can enter dates, time periods, pictures or free text.

In Wizard Step 4 (Advanced) you can enable your participants to add theire own options.

Wizard 3 - Design

In the design step you can customize your PollUnit. You can choose from several ready-made themes. In addition, you have various effects available such as snow or fireflies.

As a premium user, you can also create your own design and as a business user you can upload your own logos and use them in your poll.

Wizard 4 - Advanced

In the advanced settings you can activate various functions. Please refer to the section "Advanced settings".

Wizard 5 - Invitations

In the last step, you can invite your participants. You can inform your users in 4 different ways.

Invite groups and teams und Teams

You can invite whole groups to your poll. You can manage these groups on the »My groups« page. To add a group to your PollUnit you have to check the corresponding group. You can find more information here in the section »My Account«.

Invite users via email

You can automatically invite your user via PollUnit by entering their e-mail addresses. You can give PollUnit access to your Google Contacts; this simplifies the input of the e-mail addresses.

The member link is an encrypted link. This link gives your users access to your PollUnit. You can share this link by e-mail and messenger of choice or post it on your homepage.

The admin link works like the member link with one important difference. With the admin link the user gets the permission to edit your PollUnit.

Share a PollUnit via WhatsApp, Facebook...

With a click on the appropriate provider such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter, you can share the member link.

Poll types

The poll type describes the type of your options. You can change the poll type in the poll wizard step 1 (PollUnit),


Voting on freely selectable texts. Ideal for staff lists, brainstorming and anything that can be expressed in words.

Images / Files

Voting on pictures incl. Gallery or files. This type of survey allows you and your participants to upload and rate images or files.


Vote for a date. Ideal for finding appointments for a full day.

Date with time

Vote on a date. Ideal for appointments.

Date range

Voting on date periods. Ideal for appointments over several days.

Time range

Voting on time periods.

Poll target

You can choose between 3 different poll targets. The setting can be found in the wizard step 1 (PollUnit) in the schema settings for advanced users.

Find best option

The option with the most votes is the best option. Choose this, if for instance you want to find a common appointment.

Best distribution of options

This Method tries to distribute options among participants, so that everyone gets the option he/she likes.
Choose this method, when You for example want to create a service schedule: A set of dates has to be distributed among the participants.

Lowest resistance

This method is looking for the option with the highest acceptance in a group. Your participants can cast resistance votes. The options with the least rejection wins.

Vote types

You can choose between 3 different types of votes. The setting can be found in the wizard step 1 (PollUnit) in the schema settings for advanced users.

Yes / No

Voting with Yes, No and undecided. Negative votes are subtracted from positive votes.


Simple upvoting. Only positive votes are counted.

Star rating

Users can rate options with 0-5 stars.

Stars per option

Defines the maximum stars a user can assign to one option.


Users can distribute a predefined number of points among the PollUnit's options. This is how it works:

  • Each participant receives a fixed number of points
  • Each participant distributes his points to the options
  • The option with the most points wins

With the poll target 'least resistance' you can flip the rating and the option wins with the least negative votes.

Dots per option

Defines the maximum points a user can assign to one option.

Dots per voter

Defines the amount of points a user can distribute among the options.

Advanced settings

The advanced settings can be found in the wizard Step 4 (Advanced)


Your PollUnit's participants are allowed to write comments, if they are logged in.

Allow new options

Allows participants to add new options to your PollUnit.

Custom PollUnit URL

For example: pollunit.com/polls/CUSTOM.

Allowed characters

A-Z, a-z, 0-9, - and _

Limit participations

You have the possibility to secure your votes against multiple participations by various security measures.

Allow multiple participations with one computer

Shows a button in your poll, which can be used to start a new participation under a different name.

By setting a Cookie when voted, no other participant can vote from the same browser. Caution! Cookies can easily be deleted by participants. Therefore, this option offers very little security.

IP Security Check

After voting the IP address of the participant will be blocked for further votes. Attention! In many companies and universities, employees have the same IP address, so only one of them could vote. The IP address can also be manipulated. Therefore this option offers only a low security.

PollUnit account required

When "PollUnit account required" is selected, only users, who are registered at PollUnit, are allow to participate in this PollUnit.

Invitation required

When "Invitation required" is selected, only users, who received an invitation, are allow to participate in this PollUnit (Users must have a PollUnit account or have to register when they receive the invitation).

Participation only via Slack

With "Participation only via Slack" the participants can only vote via Slack app. This way you make sure that only people who have an account in your Slack workspace can vote.

Private »Hide Votes«

In a private PollUnit with hidden votes, participants cannot see other participants' votes. The votes become visible when the PollUnit is closed. However the creator can view the result at any time.

Private »Hide participants«

In a private PollUnit with hidden participants, participants cannot see other participants. Even after the PollUnit is closed, the participants remain hidden. However the creator can view the result at any time

Limited evaluation

The participants of a PollUnit with hidden participants can only be viewed in the evaluation by the creator.

Limited Activity Log

The votings of the hidden participants are not displayed in the activity log.

Hide file / image title

Hides the title or file name in the member link. The name is visible in the admin link and the evaluation.

Settings only accessible for file and image votings

You can activate this setting in wizard step 2.

Publisher and imprint

If not specified, the name of the creator will be used. The publisher is displayed in your PollUnit header as well as in the description. If you add a imprint or terms, a link at the end of your PollUnit is shown.

Randomize options order

To avoid order bias, you can shuffle the options for each user.

Single select

Participants have to decide for one option.

Limit per option

With this, You control how many participants can vote for the same option. You can only change the limit type if no votes have been cast yet.

No limits

Any number of participants can vote on any option.

Global Limit

Your selected limit describes the number of times each option can be selected. Each option has the same limit.

Individual limits

A unique limit can be defined for each option.


Set a deadline for your PollUnit, if voting should be allowed only until a certain date.

Password protection

Secure your PollUnit with a password. Users can only participate and view the PollUnit's result if they know the password.

White Label

When visiting the member link the »powered by« message in the embedded PollUnits and the menu items like prices, help, the »Create PollUnit« button and the footer will be removed. The PollUnit logo can be replaced in the step »Design«.


Addons allow you to add more fields to your options. In order to activate addons, you have to check the desired addon in the Scheme settings in the Wizard Step 1 (PollUnit).


If enabled, a free text can be added to the options in your poll.

If enabled, a link can be added to the options in your poll. Links consist of a URL and a title.

File types

For polls with images or other files the following file formats are supported:

All common image formats, pdf, zip, docx, xlsx, pptx, txt


If encryption is enabled contents like titel, description, location, and the text of options will be encrypted in your browser before it is sent to our PollUnit servers. Therefore nobody can access the real data without knowing the encryption key.

Peer to peer encryption

Peer to peer encryption works in such a way that the data is encrypted at the device of one user, and can be decrypted at the device of another user. Before the data is sent to our servers, it will be encrypted on your device. So no one in between can record the data and even if someone had access to our databases, he/she can't read anything from the encrypted data.

AES encryption

We use the secure AES encryption method with a key length of 256 Bit.

Share encryption key

To share the encryption key to your encrypted PollUnit, you should use a safe channel like SMS or encrypted messaging services.

Encrypted data

We encrypt the title, location, description and comments of a PollUnit. Free text options are completely encrypted and for images the title. In addition, for all option types the subtitle and link is encrypted. We are not able to encrypt date fields and images yet, because we have to process them on our servers.


Besides editing a PollUnit, you can use as admin further functions to manage your online group decision.

Close PollUnit

When you close your PollUnit, your invited users will automatically be notified about the result off your poll.

Once you have closed your PollUnit, it will not be possible to vote. In order to close your PollUnit you have to visit your PollUnit via admin link.

Delete options

To delete an option, visit the Adminlink of your PollUnit and click the delete icon under the corresponding option.

Delete comments

As admin, you can also delete comments from other participants. To delete a comment, visit the Adminlink of your PollUnit and click on the delete icon on the corresponding comment.

We have implemented this feature to allow the owners of PollUnits to delete inappropriate or abusive comments. For the most transparent group decision, the deletion of a comment is saved in the Activity Log of your PollUnit.

Deleting comments from others is a premium feature.

Delete votes

As admin, you can delete participants from your PollUnit. To remove a participant from your group decision, visit the Adminlink of your PollUnit and click the delete icon next to the user's name.

We have implemented this feature to allow the owners of PollUnits to delete duplicate and unauthorized votes. To make group decisions as transparent as possible, deleting voices is stored in the Activity Log of your PollUnit.

Deleting participants and theire votes is a premium feature.


Evaluate PollUnit directly

To get to the evaluation, open your PollUnit and click on evaluation. You will get an overview of the options as well as your participants. If you have used the invite function, you will also see which users have not yet voted.

Evaluation of a single option

To get an overview of a single option, click on the corresponding option under Options in the evaluation. A list with the participants is displayed. You get an overview of who votes for this option and who does not.

Export PollUnit as CSV

As an admin of a poll, you can export the participants and their votes as CSV. You can open and evaluate this CSV file in the office program of your choice (such as Open Office, Excel, ...).

Administation, Account

As a registered user, you have some advantages with PollUnit that we can not make accessible to anonymous users. When logged in, you will see your name in the main menu. Under this menu item you will find the links to your PollUnits, Themes, Logos and your Account Settings.

My PollUnits

Here is a list of PolUnits you can access. These are PollUnits you have created, but also polls where you have participated.

For additional options open the context menu by clicking the three dots.

This is the link to your PollUnit.

This is the link to your PollUnit with administration rights. Do not share this link with others who do not shall edit or delete your PollUnit!

Edit PollUnit

By clicking edit you can get to the Wizard of your PollUnit.

Clone PollUnit

This means that your poll with all its options will be cloned to a new PollUnit. You can then customize and re-vote for it.


Here you can share your PollUnit via different social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.

Embed PollUnit

You can embed a PollUnit in your website. To do this, you have to approve the host of your website here. We also provide you with a small piece of code to quickly add the poll to your website.

Excel and CSV Export

By exporting your PollUnit as XLSX or CSV you can save the data on your computer and e.g. edit it with Excel.

Close PollUnit

This closes your PollUnit. Participation is then no longer possible. The votes of the participants of a private PollUnit become visible.

Delete all participations

This removes all votes of all participants. You can clear your PollUnit. Deleting entries is shown in the activity log.

Delete PollUnit

This will delete your PollUnit and all data belonging to this poll.

My Groups

Here you can create groups and teams. A group consists of a list of e-mail addresses. You can select these groups in the »Invitations« step and automatically send invitations to your PollUnit. Ideal for recurring surveys for your friends, family or colleagues.

To manage groups you need a premium account.

Create new groups

By clicking "Create new group" you can create a new group. You can manage an unlimitted amount of groups.

Edit group

Open the context menu and click edit to add or remove group members.

Delete group

Open the context menu and click delete to delete your group.

My Themes

Here you can manage your own themes. A theme consists of a background graphic and a color scheme. You can choose this when creating your PollUnit in the Wizard Step 3 (Design).

Create new theme

By clicking "Create new theme" you can create your own theme.

Edit theme

Open the context menu and click edit to change your theme.

Delete theme

Open the context menu and click delete to delete your PollUnit and all participations.

My Logos

Here you can create your own logos. You can choose this when creating your PollUnit in the Wizard Step 3 (Design).

Create new logo

By clicking "Create new logo" you can upload your own logo.

Edit logo

Open the context menu and click edit to reupload your logo or to change the link to your landing page.

Delete logo

Open the context menu and click delete to delete your logo.

My Account

Here you can edit your personal data such as name, email, password and language.

You can also delete your account here. By deleting your account, all your PollUnits, votes, themes, logos and premium purchases will be deleted. You can not undo this!

My Organizations

With organizations you can define employees an coworkers Members of your organization can manage PollUnits of the organization. So you can automatically pass on the administration and access rights to your polls and create, monitor and evaluate polls in the team.

The number of allowed organizations and coworkers depends on your PollUnit package.

Organizations belong to the business functions of PollUnit.

Missing a feature?

You need more help or you have a feature that could help you and other users make more effective decisions? Feel free to contact us at support@pollunit.com.

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