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Create free online brainstorming sessions, feedback lists and collect ideas and feature requests. Your participants can also submit requests, vote for ideas and participate in discussions without an account. This makes PollUnit your feedback and brainstorming management tool.

After collecting ideas, requests and arguments you can finish your brainstorming or collection and create a PollUnit voting to simplify the decision making in groups.

Feature Requests

Gather Feedback and Feature Requests from your customers and team

Organize your feedback with PollUnit and understand what is really important for your company and your customers. Work with your customers in real time and collect product feedback, ideas for new features or simple requests on any topic in one place.

Participants can also upvote the ideas of others or discuss and comment other users' suggestions and requests.


Configure your feedback list and idea collections according to your needs

Choose from many different designs or even create your feedback page in your own design and with your own logo.

Many configuration options allow you to freely configure your collection. You can e.g. activate password protection, allow comments and choose your desired PollUnit URL.


Evaluate collection

No matter if you brainstorm or get feedback - the proven PollUnit evaluation tools are also available in real time.

You will get more information about participants, countries, an activity log and various export options for your data.

Evaluation functions
Dot Voting

Create a follow-up voting

When the collection of ideas is complete, you can create a follow-up voting directly from the collection. For example, you have a long list of your customers' feature requests. Then you can put the functions with the most upvotes into a voting and pass them on to your development team for prioritization and evaluation.

PollUnit allows you to do simple yes/no voting as well as systemic consensus and dot voting.

PollUnit Votings
  1. Choose a topic and create your brainstorming
  2. Invite your participants to your online brainstorming or publish the brainstorming on your website
  3. Let your participants spend time gathering ideas and discussing other people's ideas.
  4. Evaluate your brainstorming or create a follow-up vote

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