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The overview of your group decision

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In your PollUnit you get an overview of all participants and their votes. Private surveys, where the votes of the participants are secret until the poll is closed, are an exception.

To participate in the group decision, you must first tell PollUnit who you are. To do this, click on 'Who are you?'.

Quickly and easily cast votes

Vote with or without an account

There are two ways to identify yourself to PollUnit.

The simpler way is to vote as a guest. This means you do not need an account to participate in the group decision. Let us know your name and click on 'Participate as guest'. After that you can vote without an user account.

Or you participate with your user account. Click on 'Login' and enter your access data. If you do not have an account, you can also create a new account on the login page. A user account has many advantages. This includes, among other things, an overview of all your surveys in which you have participated, notifications of votes of other participants and you can change your votes from different devices.

Rate options without registering

Vote with PollUnit

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Online rating

After you have identified yourself, your name appears in the list of all participants. In this row your voices are shown. Now you can assign your votes per option / column.

Depending on the vote type of the PollUnit you can cast your vote in different ways. The vote type is determined by the creator of the PollUnit. Here are different types of votes that are possible with PollUnit.

Yes / No

Voting with Yes, No and undecided. Negative votes are subtracted from positive votes.


Simple upvoting. Only positive votes are counted.

Star rating

Users can rate options with 0-5 stars.


Users can distribute a predefined number of points among the PollUnit's options. This is how it works:

  • Each participant receives a fixed number of points
  • Each participant distributes his points to the options
  • The option with the most points wins

With the poll target 'least resistance' you can flip the rating and the option wins with the least negative votes.