About PollUnit

What is PollUnit?

We create tools that facilitate collaboration, prioritization and collection of ideas and feedback, evaluation of graphics and photos, as well as surveys and collaborative arrangements within teams or with large crowds.

PollUnit is self-financed and independent. We are only committed to our users. Data protection is a must for us. We offer our tools Freemium - that means a limited version is free of charge.

Key features

Votings on dates, free text, pictures and files.
Tables and lists for collecting information and ideas.
Create brainstorming sessions and discuss ideas.

The history of PollUnit

The two friends Philipp Großelfinger and Markus Huber had the idea for PollUnit in 2016. Philipp organized his wedding and Markus had to prioritize different product designs. Due to the so different requirements a concept for flexible coordination and distribution of tasks was created.

About half a year later the first version of PollUnit is ready for the public. On 10 March 2017, the two Munich-based went live with PollUnit.

PollUnit has a healthy and stable growth and is in continuously development.

In continuous development

  • 2016JuneThe Idea to PollUnit was born and we started development.
  • 2017MarchRelease of PollUnit
  • 2017MayDot Voting Feature released
  • 2018JanuaryFind consensus with dissenting votes
  • 2018MayRedesign and improvements in admin views
  • 2018OctoberMaximize data protection with peer-2-peer encryption
  • 2018NovemberImprovement of the performance to meet the ever-increasing number of users
  • 2019JanuaryNew PollUnit type for online lists and free tables
  • 2019FebruarySlack integration
  • 2019AprilIntroduction of organizations to share accounts within companies
  • 2019JuneICS calendar integration
  • 2019JulyRelease of Feedback and Brainstorming Collections

Stay informed...

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Whats next?

We are constantly working on new functions and improvements. These updates are deployed many times a week. Several times a year we have a »Major Release«. Up to now these have been completely new functions as well as major architectural changes.

Many of our functions were only created because users told us their wishes. Functions that help all PollUnit users are usually implemented. This doesn't cost more than an email or a post in our support forum.

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