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Log in first, to create your own theme. To create a design for your survey, you need at least a premium account.

You can log in with your e-mail address and password.

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Your themes

Click on your name in the header and select »My Themes«.

Here you see all your designs for your surveys. You can edit, delete or preview the themes here.

To create a new design, click »Create a new theme« and the theme creator will open.

Design overview for your votings

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Theme creator

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Step 1 »Basics«

Our Theme Wizard consists of 3 steps. Use the »Next« and »Previous« buttons to navigate between the steps. You can also edit existing themes by opening the wizard via the context menu of your themes.

Start by naming your theme.

Click on »Next to get to the background settings.

Step 2 »Background«

Confirm that you have the right to use the desired graphics. Check the appropriate field.

Now you can select your background graphics or drag'n'drop your files into the uploader. After uploading you will see a preview background image in our wizard.

Edit the colors and the font of your theme by clicking »Next«.

Upload wallpaper for vote
Customize fonts and colors

Step 3 »Colors / Font«

You can choose whether your headings should be displayed on the page with a colored background. This can increase legibility.

Choose your colors and check the preview how your theme changes.

Save and your design is ready for your next PollUnit.

Create your PollUnit

in a unique design

When you create a new survey, your themes appear in step 3 "Design" of the wizard. Here you can activate and and preview your theme.

You can also open the theme creator here, and add other custom themes.

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