Embed PollUnit

Polls on your own website

You can embed any PollUnit type on your homepage. This way you can easily integrate appointments, ratings and polls about images on your website. First you have to create a PollUnit. How, you can find out here:

Create your first poll

Once you have created an account, all your PollUnits will be displayed in the »My PollUnits« section. Here you can make the necessary settings.

Voting overview
voting context menu

With a click on the context menu icon (three dots) the menu appears.

You can also open the context menu directly from your PollUnit (admin link). Depending on your permissions, other functions may also appear here.

You can only publish your own polls and votings on your homepage. If you want to publish someone else's PollUnit, they have to make the necessary settings. Furthermore, only polls of premium users can be embedded on your own website.

Click on »Embedding«.

Embed online voting
Securely embedding of online voting

Here you have to enter the host of your website. This allows your website to access your PollUnit. Your host could look like this: domain.com or subdomain.domain.com.

This is necessary so that no other websites can embed your polls without permission. You can activate your surveys for any number of websites or hosts.

In the section »Code« you will get a small code snippet. This must be included on your website. You can adjust the height and width of the iFrame to suit your needs.

<iframe width="100%" height="700" frameborder="0"

If you replace the member link with the admin link, you can also integrate the admin view of your PollUnits into your website. You should then secure your website accordingly!

With another snippet, you can integrate a script that ensures that the embedded iFrame automatically gets the optimal height on your website. This eliminates the need to scroll through the survey. The script can be inserted directly after the iFrame.

<script src="https://pollunit.com/embed/iframeResizer.min.js"

If you go to the page where you included the poll, your poll will appear directly on this page.

The embedded poll adapts responsively to your website - even to the resolutions of mobile phones.

Now your participants can rate, add and comment options directly on your own website. Your participants do not need an account.

Online votings for your own website

Advanced embedding options

By appending »embed_options« to your PollUnit URL you can make additional settings. These settings are only taken into account in your voting on your own website - the Standalone PollUnit remains unaffected.


With &embed_options[kill_background]=1 you can hide the background of your PollUnit. The poll will then be transparently integrated into your website; the color or background image/pattern of your website remains visible. Also allowtransparency="true" should be set on the iframe.

<iframe frameborder="0" allowtransparency="0"


With &embed_options[kill_padding]=1 you can remove the distances around your PollUnit to save space in non-page filling layouts.



With &embed_options[kill_title]=1 you can remove the title of your PollUnit. You can create your own title or headline within your website.



With &embed_options[disable_remote_overlay]=1 you can enable the stand alone participation overlay. The overlay will then no longer be placed in the center over your content. This is especially useful if you use the »iFrameResize()« script with high content.


Polls for your CMS (Content Management System)

No matter if you want to integrate your poll in Wordpress, realize a voting in Joomla or create a picture voting in Drupal - with PollUnit this is done in seconds. Of course you can also integrate your PollUnits in other web technologies.