Create your first poll

To begin with your first survey, click the »Create PollUnit« button. You will find this button on all sites in the upper right or in the menu when you are using a smartphone - also on this page.

Then you can choose which PollUnit type you want to create. In this tutorial we create a voting.

Create new poll
VotingCreate polls about dates, time periods, images, files or free text. Participants can vote for or rate your options.
Free tableCreate a table and collect informations of your participants.
Collect ideasWith this function you can collect ideas. Ideal for brainstorming, gathering feedback and collecting feature requests.
Survey (coming soon)With this feature you will soon be able to create surveys with several consecutive questions.
Create anonymous voting or with account

If you are not yet logged in, you will be asked if you want to create a PollUnit as guest or to login. As a guest we need your name.

Advantages of an account

As a participant with a free account, you will receive notifications about activities of your PollUnits, you can write comments and have the opportunity to change and delete your votes from other devices.

In the next step you can choose the target as well as the type of your poll. Choose »Find best« if you want to find the best option. Select »Distribute« if you want to automatically distribute options or tasks to your participants.

You have the choice between different PollUnit types. These determine which options you can assign later. Participants in the survey can choose these options after completing your PollUnit. In this tutorial we choose »Free text«. So you can enter any words or sentences as an option.

Goal of the online voting
DateDecision about dates.
Date rangeDecision about time ranges.
Image / FileDecision about images with gallery or other files.
Something elseDecision about free text.

Step 1

Basic settings

Step 1: Create voting

Now you are in step 1 (basic settings) of your PollUnit. Give your survey a title for example a question.

The PollUnit scheme shows you a preview of what your PollUnit will look like.

Click on 'advanced schema settings' to specialize your PollUnit. Here you can change the poll type and your target. You can also activate addons like subtitles and links. You can also change the voting type. You can choose between yes / no, star rating and dot voting.

The e-mail address is also mandatory. Enter your e-mail address if you do not have an account yet.

All fields and their meaning

TitleThe title or question of your PollUnit.
DescriptionTell your participants more about your PollUnit.
LocationFor example the location of your event.
PollUnit typeDescribes the type of allowed options. You can choose between Date, Date and Time, Periods, Free Text and Image or File.
Vote typeDecide whether your participants can vote with yes / no or a rating from 1 to 5 (star rating).
TargetPollUnit can find the most frequently chosen option, or distribute the options optimally to your participants.
Creator nameThe creators name (only necessary without account)
Creator emailThe creators email (only necessary without account)

Step 2


Fill your first option field. After entering, you can confirm by pressing 'Enter' and create another option. You can delete options by clicking on the delete icon.

By clicking on 'Add option' you add another option.

Step 2: Add options to your voting

Step 3


Step 3: Style your poll

Now you can choose a suitable design for your survey. With a click on 'Choose Theme' you activate the desired design and get a preview.

If you have a premium account, you can also create your own themes and upload your own background images.

Create your own theme

Public themes

Step 4

Advanced settings

In the advanced settings you can provide your PollUnit with diverse functions. A short summary of all functions can be found by clicking the button at the end of this section. In this tutorial we only use the following two free features:

Comments are automatically activated. If you do not want to allow comments, deactivate this checkbox. For this tutorial we set the comments function active. It allows all users who access your PollUnit to comment on your poll. The only prerequisite is that the user has at least a free PollUnit account.

Another function is 'Allow new options'. Activate this function. Now all participants of your PollUnit can add their own options or suggestions. These are available to vote for all participants.

You get an overview of our account types and their possibilities to make your decisions easier and more efficient here:

Accounts and their permissions
Step 4: Configure voting

Step 5


Step 5: Invite to your voting

Now you only have to share your PollUnit with your friends or colleagues.

You can enter a comma-separated list of e-mails. After saving, an e-mail invitation is automatically sent to all entered users. The e-mails of your survey also appear in the design (step 3) of your PollUnit. You can also access the contacts of your Google account by clicking on 'Search your Google Contacts'.

You can also copy the link to your PollUnit and send it to the participants. It is important that there are two URLs. The one, which is currently active in your browser, allows not only to vote, but also the editing of your PollUnit. For users who are only allowed to participate, always send the link given here without admin rights.

By saving you have created your first survey.

Your first PollUnit


Of course, you can also vote in your PollUnit. Just click on the checkbox of the desired option in the table. If you have chosen star rating as vote type, give your rating by clicking on one of the stars. Participants without an account must first assign a name in the left column before they can vote.

Users with account can post comments and have the possibility to chat directly in your PollUnit.

In the context menu in the header of your survey you can edit, close, add new options or share your PollUnit.

Step 6: Vote