Free online tables
with PollUnit

With PollUnit you create free online tables in which your participants can register. Your participants do not need an account. So you can collect data, information and ideas quickly and easily. Each participant can only edit one table row.

Online list with free text

Free text

Use our Free Tables to allow your participants to add text to your list. So you can e.g. collect ideas, create a list of gifts, food lists for your celebration or ask for information.

Each participant can only edit his own row.

Online list with numbers


With the column type »Number« you can limit the input of your participants to numeric values. The online table automatically calculates the sum and the average of the entries. Ideal to find out the number of participants or to determine the ideal price of your products.

The column types can be combined and you can query quantities as well as information.

  1. Create a table and define columns
  2. Invite your participants to your online table or publish the table on your website
  3. Wait until your participants have registered
  4. Evaluate your table online

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