Polls with your own logo

Voting with your own logo

If you want to create a poll with your own logo, you must first upload a logo. To upload logos for your PollUnit you need a premium account. Log in now with your account.

Touch your name and select 'My Logos' in the submenu.


My Logos

In the overview you can manage your logos. You can upload multiple logos. So you can create several surveys and group decisions with individual logos. Here you can also change and delete your logos.

Click on 'Add new logo' to open the logo uploader.

Poll logos overview


Add Logo

Voting with your own logo

Choose a title.

If you enter a URL, your participants will reach the specified URL by clicking on your logo.

Now choose your logo, accept the terms of use and click Save.

Now you can create a PollUnit as usual. In the wizard step 3 (Design) you can activate the desired logo in the 'My Logos' section.