Dot Voting

What is dot voting?

Dot voting, also known as "sticker voting", "dotmocracy" or "voting with dots" is a form of cumulative voting. Dot-voting is a method to identify problems or prioritize a large number of obtions or ideas in a team.

The participants of the dot voting can distribute a predetermined number of dots or points to the available options. All the votes of the team members are evaluated equally and a consensus is found quickly.

How dot voting works?

Usually a dot-voting takes place as follows:

  • Collect options, ideas or problems.
  • All participants receive a fixed number of points.
  • Each participant distributes his dots / points to the offered options. Participants can give an option any or a predetermined number of their dots.
  • The option with the most points wins.

PollUnits Dot-Voting Tool

Create a online dot voting

The important settings for your online dot voting can be found in step 1 of the PollUnit wizard. For an introduction to the creation of PollUnits see our tutorial:

Create your first poll

Click on "Advanced scheme settings" to open the necessary settings.

Select "Dot voting" as the vote type.

With "Dots per option" you can determine the maximum number of dots or points that a user can give to an option.

With "Dots" you determine how many Dots each user can give in total.

Click on next and proceed in the following steps as in your other PollUnits.

Dot voting creator

Tips for your dot voting

Better group decisions


Clarify your participants on the topic of your dot voting. Make sure the decision criteria are clear for all participants. What is the goal? The most original or the most feasible option?

Keep the number of options as low as possible

Participants should check all options before awarding their points. Too many options can overwhelm the participants.

Avoid similar options

Avoid similar options, as they can lead to a vote splitting. This may require you to combine options to be less specific.

Avoid group effects

Often participants vote for options that have already received votes from other users. With PollUnit's Advanced Settings you can turn your dot voting into a private vote. So the participants can not see the votes of the other participants. The result is only visible when the PollUnit is closed. The creator can see the result at any time.

Greatest approval or lowest resistance?

You can not only look for the greatest approval, but also for the lowest resistance. If you select 'Lowest Resistance' as target in the 'Advanced Scheme Settings' in PollUnit's Wizard Step 1, your participants may cast negative 'Resistance Votes'. So you find the options with the highest acceptance in the group.