Evaluate your PollUnit

Evaluate your online voting

In addition to the basic view of your group decision, you can click on 'Evaluation' in the footer of your PollUnit. The Extended Evaluation is a premium feature and is visible only to Premium Users and to users of PollUnits created by Premium Users.

You will receive a list of all options sorted by votes. You can click on each option and see more information. See next section.

An overview of all participants helps you to find out if all users have already voted. If you have invited users to your group decision via the PollUnit Wizard (step 5 "Invite"), you will also be shown the users who have not voted yet.

For further evaluation, you can export the entries and votes as CSV. You can edit this CSV file in Excel, Open Office or in other database programs.

Single view

Evaluate a option

The single view of the option should facilitate the evaluation of particularly large PollUnits.

You will get an overview of all participants who have given their vote to the option. In addition, you can see how many points (only for star rating and dot voting) the user has awarded.

You will also get an overview of the users who did not vote for this option.

Evaluate a single option of your poll