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With PollUnit you can create free online polls about pictures, dates and free texts. Decide whether your participants can vote without registration, anonymously, only with password or with verified account. Various voting methods and many other functions are available for your real-time voting.

Online poll

Yes/no Vote

The fastest and easiest way to a democratic group decision. With a simple yes/no vote you will find the best option, the most suitable date or the most popular idea.

Tutorial: Create a poll
Dot Voting

Dot Voting: Prioritize and Rate

With the dot voting method, each participant receives a certain number of dots. Participants distribute their dots among the options. The options or ideas with the most dots are prioritized.

Tutorial: Create a dot voting
Range Voting

Range Voting: star rating

The star rating is a very easy to understand and intuitive tool to evaluate products, designs, images or other options. The option with the highest number of stars wins.

Tutorial: Create a range voting
Systemic consensus

Systemic consensus: Making consensus-based decisions

Use PollUnit to find the solutions with the lowest resistance. Your group members rate the options with resistance points. Few points mean little resistance and many points mean strong resistance. The result of the online voting is therefore the greatest group acceptance.

Tutorial: consensus-based decision
  1. Choose what to vote on and how to vote
  2. Invite your participants to your online poll or publish the poll on your website
  3. Wait until your participants have voted or added their own options to your poll
  4. Share the result with your participants

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