Automatic recognition of the language in your polls

The PollUnit pages are currently available in english and german. So you can share your polls also in these languages.

You can choose the default language of your poll based on how you share the member link. The locale in the URL determines the language.

Example: »«

The »/en« ensures that the poll is delivered in english. With »/de« it would be delivered in german.
We recommend that you omit the locale for international polls. So for example: »«. PollUnit automatically selects the correct language from your participants on the basis of the language of the browser. If it is not recognized, the english version is used.

Our last PollUnit update checks the browser language of your participants and the default language you chose. If they don't match, the user will be asked if he wants to change the language.

Published at: 2018-12-05 11:00 PM

Automatic recognition of th...

Increased participant limit for your free votings

Today there is good news for all our Free PollUnit users. We have doubled the free participant limit from 20 to 40 participants.

Above all, private individuals and schools benefit from our update. The allowed number of participants is sufficient for free online votings in school classes and the date poll with the whole circle of friends.

For the full function range and online mass votings there are our favorable Premium, Business and Enterprise accounts. An overview of our prices and voting functions can be found in our Account Overview.

Published at: 2018-12-03 11:55 PM

Increased participant limit...

PollUnit Roadmap 2019

This year, 2018, we have concentrated on the further development of our online votings. Dot-voting, systemic consensus, encryption and many more features as well as a huge performance improvement will now help you with your group decisions. But where is the journey going? Here's a little preview of what's on our roadmap for next year.

Free Tables
Similar to our polls, you will be able to create a table and define columns here. However, your participants will not vote for an option, but each participant will be able to fill the columns with content in a row.

In the course of the next year we want to provide you with questionnaires.

Collect ideas
Keyword brainstorming: We will enable you to easily collect ideas from participants.

Slack integration
We are working on integrating PollUnits into Slack. Our plan is that you can create votings directly in Slack and the participants can vote there without leaving Slack. So you can easily control who can participate in a voting via slack channels.

The function you need is not included? Start a feature request in our Support Forum.

Published at: 2018-11-28 07:17 AM

PollUnit Roadmap 2019

PollUnit in c't computer magazine

In the current c't (25/2018), a german computer magazine, is a comparison about live voting tools. We are happy that PollUnit is also among the presented providers.
Here is the link to the article: Live Voting Tools

Published at: 2018-11-26 09:17 AM

PollUnit in c't computer ma...

Infrastructure improvements

Our users and traffic increased more than sixfold in the last 12 months, and so we have prepared for the next sixfold increase. 😃

Thanks to all of you who made PollUnit what it is now. Many of your ideas and comments have made PollUnit a better Voting Tool. 😍

And that's how we have prepared ourselves: A new Loadbalancer distributes the load on different servers. Now we can boot single instances to be at your disposal for full speed, even during several huge votes. This makes PollUnit even more fail-safe!

Furthermore, we updated the hardware and increased the performanceof every single server.

Published at: 2018-11-25 11:49 AM

Infrastructure improvements

Allowing only one entry per email address

To make it more difficult for unknown users to participate more than once in your polls, you can now user our new »Account required« functionality.

The whole thing works like this: In order for a user to participate in your poll or survey, he must first create a PollUnit account. The user has to enter his email address, then we send him an confirmation email. After the user has confirmed he can cast his vote.

In order to participate several times, the user would have to create several accounts with different email addresses.

In order to limit each user to exactly one participation and thus protect your votes and surveys against multiple participation, you can also use the option »Invitation required«. For this, however, you need to know your participants and their e-mail addresses. PollUnit can then send unique invitations that allows a user to vote once.

We are currently discussing further possibilities how we can unambiguously identify unknown users and prevent multiple participation. Join the conversation in our Support Forum!

Published at: 2018-11-12 08:04 AM

Allowing only one entry per...

Online voting tool with P2P encryption

New: Peer-To-Peer encryption. Now we can protect your secret votings, polls and sensitive data even better.

With peer-to-peer encryption (P2P), or end-to-end encryption, the data is encrypted by the sender before it is sent and decrypted by the recipient after it is received.

This means that PollUnits with such P2P technology receive and store your survey data encrypted. This stored data cannot be decrypted or read by us! Only the users with the appropriate key can decrypt the data in your browser and make it readable again.

Please note that we cannot help you in a P2P voting with password loss!

Further information can be found in our help section encryption.

Published at: 2018-10-13 07:00 PM

Online voting tool with P2P...

New theme settings

You can now activate headline shadows and glows in your theme settings. So you can increase the readability of headlines in your online polls on high-contrast background images.

New at PollUnit? Read more in our tutorial: Polls in your own design. Or try our free poll creator with numerous free themes.

Published at: 2018-10-08 10:00 PM

New theme settings

Plan a Halloween party online

Besides usecases for your Halloween plans we have news for all Halloween fans and Halloween party organizers.

With a new spider effect and a creepy theme you can now create your bring lists and date polls for free in a horror design.

Usecase: scary decoration and party music
You'll create the right atmosphere with a good decoration - pumpkins, witches, bats, spiders and spider webs as much as possible! Maybe you can even organize a smoke machine.
For the perfect music you can create your own playlist of Halloween classics like Michael Jackson's »Thriller« or »Ghostbusters« by Ray Parker, Jr. Or you just put in a scary soundtrack like »Nightmare Before Christmas«.

Usecase: Halloween food and horror cocktails
On Halloween, of course, the sweets should not be missing. So go to the next supermarket and get gummy worms, eyes and co. Find some Halloween recipes and prepare creepy snacks and cocktails. Think of enough dishes for your guests.

No matter if it's a bring list, decoration utensils or the right music: PollUnit helps you to prioritize these ideas and to distribute tasks according to personal preferences.

So nothing stands in the way of a successful Halloween party!

Thanks to Johannes Plenio for his great photo which we use in our theme!

Published at: 2018-10-08 12:38 PM

Plan a Halloween party online

Change your dot voting while running

Today we announce another feature that one of our customers requested and is now available for all of you.

Imagine the following case: You create a Online Dot Voting with 10 points to be distributed. Now you want to change the number of possible points after some participants have already cast their votes. For example because the number of options has increased.
Until now our online voting tool did not allow this. Since today, admins can increase the number of points while your online rating is running. All participants with a PollUnit account will be informed that additional points can be distributed.
A reduction of the dots is not possible because if the dots are decreased and somebody has already voted, we would need to subtract points from voted options.

New? Learn how to create your own online poll with PollUnit.

Published at: 2018-10-01 10:00 PM

Change your dot voting whil...