Collect ideas and create brainstromings

Collect ideas and create brainstromings

As announced in our roadmap for 2019, we now have a new PollUnit type for you.

With an idea collection you can collect ideas in groups on a topic or a question. Participants can also suggest new ideas and join in the discussion without an account.

Collections over a long period of time can also be easily carried out. Participants' suggestions can be sorted by activity, votes, and creation date. For example, companies can create pages for feature requests and bug reports and even integrate them on their own website.

When enough ideas have been collected, the collection administrator can end the brainstorming and create a follow-up vote. Here you can use the well-known PollUnit tools such as our online dot voting, star rating or finding consensus.

In addition, the brainstormings can be exported and analyzed with our evaluation tools.

The basic functions are also free for idea collections. So try it out right now and create your first online brainstorming with PollUnit.

Published at: 2019-07-31 08:23 AM

Collect ideas and create br...

Sync schedulings to your calendar

Maybe you've already discovered it? In the header area of your scheduling there is now a small button with the title »Calendar Sync«. Click this button to open a dialog where you can download a static ICS file or copy the link to the PollUnit ICS feed. Furthermore, users can create their own PollUnit ICS feed in their account settings, which summarizes all PollUnit appointments of the user.

ICS files, also called »iCalendar«, are a widely used format for storing calendars. ICS files are supported by various calendar and email programs. With their help appointments, participants and further information from calendars can be stored and passed on. Programs that support the ICS format are Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and many more.

So you can now export polls as ICS files or use the ICS feed to automatically update your online calendar.

As always we are curious, how you like this function; and more importantly: if you want more of it, what you are missing and how we can simplify your appointment coordination?
You can tell us your wishes and ideas in our Forum / Category: Feature Requests.

Published at: 2019-07-20 10:46 PM

Sync schedulings to your ca...
Sync schedulings to your calendar

Accessible Online Voting

Accessible Online Voting

As an online voting tool, we're almost embarrassed that one of our users had to tell us that voting should work for our blind and visually impaired participants as well. Of course he was right!

During the last weeks we have updated PollUnit so that it can also be used by people with visual impairments without additional help.

We want to go one step further and have the goal that also our blind users can independently create, execute and evaluate polls. Therefore there will be updates in the future which will increase the accessibility. If you want to discuss with us, have improvement requests or problems concerning this topic, write us a message in our support forum at »Accessibility for disabled persons«. We will also inform you about future releases on this topic in the forum.

Published at: 2019-07-08 06:06 PM

Accessible Online Voting

Polls with Data Processing Addendum (GDPR)

As a team of developers who want to provide you with a perfect voting tool, we are probably more effective at developing new features than at writing complex legal texts. So, despite frequent requests, it took a little longer.

But now it's time: we can offer you an data processing addendum based on the GDPR for voting and surveys according to data protection regulations.

Whether with or without a contract - at PollUnit your data is safe. We are not an evil data leech; we do not pass on personal data for enrichment. Only with our ISO 27001 certified server providers and payment and error analysis service we share the minimum data necessary to provide a stable service. We finance ourselves 100% through non-personalized advertising and our paid plans. You can find more information in our privacy policy and in the Data Processing Addendum in your account settings.

PollUnit is a tool for consultation and collaboration. The contents and contact information of your PollUnit can therefore be shared among the participants who have access to your PollUnit. Which information is made accessible can be determined by the creator (i.e. our contractual partner) himself in the settings of the respective PollUnit. What kind of data you collect or which contents and information you share with your team or participants is your responsibility. You can also deposit your own imprint and inform your participants about the nature and purpose of the PollUnit and thus conduct a legally compliant online poll.

In order to conclude the data processing addendum, you need a PollUnit Business account. Once you have registered, you will find the addendum at »My Account«, as well as an online form with which you can conclude the addendum.

Did you already know? You can also create Peer-to-Peer encrypted PollUnits.

Published at: 2019-06-27 10:57 PM

Polls with Data Processing ...
Polls with Data Processing Addendum (GDPR)

Analysis of options and votes

Analysis of options and votes

After several PollUnit users contacted us last week with their wishes for a better poll evaluation, we now have some simple updates for you.

Two new views make it easier for you to evaluate options as well as individual votes in your poll.

In the view Evaluate Options you can search and filter for options, the creator or subtitle of the option. You can also sort the options by name, or by date. This function is especially useful for votings with many options and will be especially interesting with the deployment of our next Roadmap Item (Collect ideas). You can also export the data as CSV or Excel for further processing or archiving.

With the view Evaluate Votes you can search, filter and sort the individual votes of your participants. You can quickly find the newest or updated votes of your participants, the votes of certain users or compare votes on special options with each other.

Missing important data? We are always open for wishes and improvements. Write us your wish in the PollUnit Support Forum or by e-mail to

Published at: 2019-06-25 10:40 PM

Analysis of options and votes

Change participation and voter limits during runtime

In March of this year we made it possible for you to restrict participation and votes to a uniq value per option. Today we have a small update for you.

The limitations of the allowed participations / available seats can be changed now also during the running time of your poll or scheduling.

Or to be more precise, they can also be adjusted if users have already registered for options. As long as you don't set the value of the allowed participations lower than the already entered participations, you can adjust the limits arbitrarily.

If you are in the Edit dialog of your PollUnit, you can adjust the values in the list of limits and see in the right column the minimum limit that can be specified.

Published at: 2019-06-18 09:45 PM

Change participation and vo...
Change participation and voter limits during runtime

White Label polls

White Label polls

Now available: White label polls and surveys for your customers that look like they were created with your own online voting tool.

With the PollUnit White Label function you can hide the PollUnit footer and PollUnit functions - also in your Embedded PollUnits on your own homepage. In combination with your own logo your polls will gain more confidence and achieve higher response rates.

With ready-to-use and own design templates (themes) you can customize your votes individually and thus put your brand further in the foreground.

If you are interested in this topic, you should also take a look at our custom voting URLs.

Published at: 2019-06-07 08:31 AM

White Label polls

Create polls with custom URLs

Simplify your poll links with a custom PollUnit URL

With a custom PollUnit URL, you can shorten your URL or generate a branded URL that associates your vote with your brand name or product. You can also create URLs that are easier for your participants to remember and type.

Custom URLs increase respondents' trust and the participation rates of your surveys. In combination with your own logo and design, the overall experience of your participants will be significantly improved.

If you create a PollUnit with our Poll Creator, you can now choose your own URL in the »Advanced« step.

If you're new here, take a look at our tutorial: Make your own poll

Published at: 2019-05-11 01:41 PM

Create polls with custom URLs
Create polls with custom URLs

Share your polls with QR Codes

Share your polls with QR Codes

A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a two-dimensional code that can be used to encode strings such as a URL. Most smartphones and can scan and interpret QR Codes via software.

With such a QR code you can now easily share your online voting. In the last step in our voting generator, a QR code that points to the member link of your vote or poll is automatically created .

The QR Code can be downloaded and printed on postcards, flyers or posters. Your audience or your participants can scan the code and will be forwarded to your PollUnit and the survey can start without entering a URL.

To scan a QR code, your participants will need a scanner app. Various apps of this kind can be found and installed free of charge in app stores. After the installation the app can be started and the camera can be held above the QR code. The code will be read and the URL will be called automatically.

Published at: 2019-05-02 07:04 PM

Share your polls with QR Codes

Collaborate in organizations and manage polls together

We have expanded our business and enterprise accounts to include organizations and user management. With one organization you can share, create, manage and evaluate polls and surveys with multiple users.

If you belong to an organization, you can switch between your private PollUnit account and the organization account. The members of the organization get access to the PollUnits created for the organization. As a member you can also use the premium, business and enterprise functions of the organization. Thus you do not only create and administer online polls and free tables, but also logos, designs and participant lists. Your private account remains unaffected and only you can view and manage its content.

Published at: 2019-04-25 03:04 PM

Collaborate in organization...
Collaborate in organizations and manage polls together