PollUnit's Dot Voting Tool

PollUnit's Dot Voting Tool

With Dot-Voting (also known as Sticker-Voting, Dotmocracy or Multi-Voting) you facilitate the decision-making in a group. This agile method is often used to resolve the number of topics, ideas and options and prioritize them.

Each member of your group gets a limited number of points or stickers. These can be distributed by the participant to available or his favorite options. The participant can assign any number of points to an option or a previously specified maximum number per option.

After the vote, the dot-voting shows you a "winner", but also an evaluation of all ideas and options. You can then develop these in the team further.

PollUnit offers you a dot-voting tool with which your team can quickly and easily evaluate your topics. The basic functions of the Online Dot voting are free of charge and can also be used without account.

PollUnit's online dot voting adds a few more benefits. Dot-voting is usually an open voting procedure and carries the risk of a co-ordination effect. You can prevent this by running your PollUnit anonymously.

Just try it out, click on "Create new PollUnit" and generate your first dot-voting.

Published at: 2017-05-06 01:38 PM

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