Tips for successful online scheduling with PollUnit

Tips for successful online scheduling with PollUnit

With PollUnit, you can quickly and easily find appointments online, without registration. That your scheduling work as smoothly as possible, we have some tips for you!

So what should you pay attention to if you want to find dates?

Do not overload your participants with too many possible dates. Ask your users to keep the suggested dates free. You should therefore exclude unnecessary appointments in advance and execute the voting as fast as possible.

Set your participants a deadline. With an automatic expiration date in your PollUnit, invited attendees will be reminded once again if they have not already decided or voted.

After expiry of your PollUnit, you can visit your admin link and close it by clicking the "Close PollUnit". All registered users will be notified of the results. You can add an individual message here. Please note that all anonymous users, ie participants without account, can not be notified by us. If possible, share the results with a different route.

Avoid multiple vote sessions. If a suitable appointment has not been found, you can add new dates. This will automatically inform your registered participants. This function should not be exaggerated.

To prioritize dates, you can choose between different valuation types.

Published at: 2017-07-13 10:33 PM

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