More control over your group decisions

More control over your group decisions

Many of our users wanted more control over the participants, content and votes in their PollUnit's. Therefore, we are happy to introduce you to our new admin functions.

First of all, please note: Our goal is to enable you a fair and transparent voting process. It should not be possible to cheat and secretly change content or votes. Therefore, all administrative interventions are saved in an Activity Log. This is visible to all participants.

As an admin of a group decision, you can now delete comments from participants. So you can remove inappropriate comments and abusive content from your PollUnit. That a comment was deleted is recorded in the Activity Log.

In addition, you can now delete participants and their votes as the admin of a poll. This is also recorded in the activity log. This feature allows you to remove duplicate and unauthorized participations transparently.

If you have any further ideas or requests, just drop us an email at

Published at: 2018-03-02 11:00 PM

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