Online surveys in their own design

Online surveys in their own design

You want to find an appointment for your birthday, a team event for your company or distribute tasks for your wedding? Your online survey should have it's own design? Then you are right at PollUnit.

With PollUnit, you can quickly create an online survey. You can choose from different survey types. PollUnit helps you to make decisions, to distribute tasks, to prioritize your ideas and, if you want, to do everything in your own design.

When you create your PollUnit, you can choose from a variety of designs or themes. You'll find matching themes for barbecues, hiking and much more. Also neutral design for serious polls are available free of charge at PollUnit. You can also upload your own photo, choose different colors and customize the appearance of your online survey.

Check out our tutorial for creating your own themed polls.

Published at: 2017-04-17 06:32 AM

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