Allowing only one entry per email address

Allowing only one entry per email address

To make it more difficult for unknown users to participate more than once in your polls, you can now user our new »Account required« functionality.

The whole thing works like this: In order for a user to participate in your poll or survey, he must first create a PollUnit account. The user has to enter his email address, then we send him an confirmation email. After the user has confirmed he can cast his vote.

In order to participate several times, the user would have to create several accounts with different email addresses.

In order to limit each user to exactly one participation and thus protect your votes and surveys against multiple participation, you can also use the option »Invitation required«. For this, however, you need to know your participants and their e-mail addresses. PollUnit can then send unique invitations that allows a user to vote once.

We are currently discussing further possibilities how we can unambiguously identify unknown users and prevent multiple participation. Join the conversation in our Support Forum!

Published at: 2018-11-12 08:04 AM

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