Plan your holidays online

Plan your holidays online

During the holiday planning, there is much to be decided in a group. First off, where to go? Then, when has everybody time for the trip? And finally, who takes care of what?

Try PollUnit to solve these questions with our simple planning tool.

Where are we going? Create your first PollUnit with the type "Free text". The best way to do this is to select "Star rating" as a vote type to allow prioritization. Enter your holiday destinations and allow your participants to make their own proposals. Save, invite and vote. The holiday destination is chosen.

When starts and ends our trip? With another PollUnit find out which time period is most suitable for you and your friends.

And last but not least, who brings the toothpaste, suncream, board games, cards, dinghy and everything else you need for your perfect holiday? You can distribute tasks with the PollUnit target "Distribute options optimally".

For more information, check out our tutorials.

Published at: 2017-04-22 06:46 AM

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