PollUnit Roadmap 2019

PollUnit Roadmap 2019

This year, 2018, we have concentrated on the further development of our online votings. Dot-voting, systemic consensus, encryption and many more features as well as a huge performance improvement will now help you with your group decisions. But where is the journey going? Here's a little preview of what's on our roadmap for next year.

Free Tables
Similar to our polls, you will be able to create a table and define columns here. However, your participants will not vote for an option, but each participant will be able to fill the columns with content in a row.

In the course of the next year we want to provide you with questionnaires.

Collect ideas
Keyword brainstorming: We will enable you to easily collect ideas from participants.

Slack integration
We are working on integrating PollUnits into Slack. Our plan is that you can create votings directly in Slack and the participants can vote there without leaving Slack. So you can easily control who can participate in a voting via slack channels.

The function you need is not included? Start a feature request in our Support Forum.

Published at: 2018-11-28 07:17 AM

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