Updates for our Yes / No votings

Updates for our Yes / No votings

We have adapted and extended our Yes-No polls to your feedback. The following has changed:

Better visibility of missing votes on new options
If a new option has been added to your poll, an empty field will appear in the voters' line. Only if your participant votes for or against the option will the field be filled in.

Upvoting or downvoting
With our »Yes« polls, your voters can upvote your options. Negative and neutral votes are combined and ignored. With the target »lowest resistance« you can only collect negative votes and ignore positive votes.

No and undecided as answer
With our »Yes / No« surveys you can allow your participants to rate your options negative or neutral. A negative vote will be subtracted from the positive votes.

Have fun voting!

Published at: 2019-02-19 02:10 PM

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