Functions for a better evaluation of your votes

Functions for a better evaluation of your votes

In order to quickly and easily get the right insights from the data of your poll, there will be more and more possibilities for evaluation in the near future. We have already started with the conversion and give the administrators new tools into the hand.

Beside structural updates there is now the possibility to see the distribution of votes on options at a glance. So you can see the number of people that have your options with one, two, three, etc. points. This is useful, for example, if you have designs rated by products. Designs that were especially often rated with full points will probably sell better than designs with a higher average rating but fewer maximum points. So in this example the number of pieces of individual products can be calculated better.

In the participant overview you see beside the voters and the invited users who have not yet voted an overview when the votes were cast in your PollUnit.

Next, we will enable you to perform the evaluations country-specifically. Opinions and tastes can vary greatly from country to country. So you can see if voting results differ.

If you have ideas how we can help you to better evaluate your polls and votes, write a feature request in our support forum.

Published at: 2019-03-02 08:02 PM

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