Interactive surveys for team meetings and classrooms

Interactive surveys for team meetings and classrooms

To communicate between the survey participant's browser and the PollUnit server we use the WebSocket protocol. This has the advantage over a pure HTTP connection that the browser does not have to ask for new results of your survey in order to get updates. With WebSockets the browser instantly receives new votes or changes - without waiting.

This makes PollUnit suitable for interactive surveys for meetings or classrooms. For example, create a survey of which topics are to be addressed next. Your colleagues or students can see your PollUnit via a projector. You share your survey and each participant chooses an option with his laptop or smartphone. Every change is instantly visible to everyone. You and your team or students can immediately discuss the results or add new options.

For votes, e.g. the choice to a class representative, you can also conduct your survey anonymously.

By clicking on evaluation, you and all participants will get a result with pie chart and bar graph.

Learn more in our tutorial how you can create online live votings!

Published at: 2017-06-03 09:42 AM

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