Analysis of options and votes

Analysis of options and votes

After several PollUnit users contacted us last week with their wishes for a better poll evaluation, we now have some simple updates for you.

Two new views make it easier for you to evaluate options as well as individual votes in your poll.

In the view Evaluate Options you can search and filter for options, the creator or subtitle of the option. You can also sort the options by name, or by date. This function is especially useful for votings with many options and will be especially interesting with the deployment of our next Roadmap Item (Collect ideas). You can also export the data as CSV or Excel for further processing or archiving.

With the view Evaluate Votes you can search, filter and sort the individual votes of your participants. You can quickly find the newest or updated votes of your participants, the votes of certain users or compare votes on special options with each other.

Missing important data? We are always open for wishes and improvements. Write us your wish in the PollUnit Support Forum or by e-mail to

Published at: 2019-06-25 10:40 PM

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