Sync schedulings to your calendar

Sync schedulings to your calendar

Maybe you've already discovered it? In the header area of your scheduling there is now a small button with the title »Calendar Sync«. Click this button to open a dialog where you can download a static ICS file or copy the link to the PollUnit ICS feed. Furthermore, users can create their own PollUnit ICS feed in their account settings, which summarizes all PollUnit appointments of the user.

ICS files, also called »iCalendar«, are a widely used format for storing calendars. ICS files are supported by various calendar and email programs. With their help appointments, participants and further information from calendars can be stored and passed on. Programs that support the ICS format are Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and many more.

So you can now export polls as ICS files or use the ICS feed to automatically update your online calendar.

As always we are curious, how you like this function; and more importantly: if you want more of it, what you are missing and how we can simplify your appointment coordination?
You can tell us your wishes and ideas in our Forum / Category: Feature Requests.

Published at: 2019-07-20 10:46 PM

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