Change the number of dots allotted per voter after the poll has gone live?

Started by Private Questioner

Private Questioner

I created a free trial account to test out the dot-voting feature, and I was wondering if it is possible to change the number of dots allotted per voter after the poll has gone live? This is central to our project since we will be changing the number of votes our employees will be able to have based on sales targets during the holidays.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We're excited to potentially work with PollUnit.

Markus Huber

It is possible to change the available number of dots per voter after a PollUnit is created.
However after the first person voted, it is not possible to change this setting.
We would have to deal with the following issues when we allow to change it:

  • if the points are increased, voters need to be notified. So they can distribute their additional points.
  • if the points are decreased and somebody has already voted, we would need to subtract points from voted options and also notify the user.

Because users need not to register or leave their emails, they might miss the notification, and changing the available points could lead to their disadvantage.

Markus Huber

We discussed your request and are going to allow to increase available points. Users who already voted, will be notified.