Prevent multiple votes by the same person

Started by Jessica Chu

Jessica Chu

Is there a way that you can limit the votes to one IP address to ensure people don't cheat?

Markus Huber

Hi Jessica.

At the moment we don't offer IP whitlisting. But this is a good idea and I will discuss it. I'll get back to you.

Maybe our "Invitation Required" function will help you:
With a Premium Account you can choose that only invited persons can vote. This means that each invited person will receive a link that can only be used once.
You will find this option in "step 4: advanced" when creating a PollUnit.
Then you should invite the participants via email in step 5.

Markus Huber

I think I misunderstood your question. You only want to allow one participation per IP address, right?

There are two problems here:

  1. If the same person would access your poll from another computer, they could vote again.
  2. It is common for companies and universities to have multiple people on the same IP address. If you limit the participation to a unique ip address, only one person can vote.

Would this feature still work for you? Then I'll discuss it again?

However, to make sure that only certain people can vote, you have to use the "Invitation Required" function as described in my last post.

Markus Huber

You can now activate "Account required" in the advanced settings.

This means that participants can only participate in the online voting after their email address has been verified. You can find more information here: