Anonymous Voting Submissions

Started by Sam Maddicott

Sam Maddicott

Is it possible for users with a link to submit their vote without entering a name? I am not to see which entry has been voted for.

Thank you

Philipp Großelfinger

Hi Sam,

  • users always have to provide a name, which can be anything.
  • If you want to create a hidden voting, you can hide votes (see participants names but not what they voted for) or
    hide participants (hide who voted). Both options can be enabled in step 4 advanced in the poll creation wizard. Both options require at least a premium account.

I hope I could help!

Kind regards

Markus Huber

Hi Paulius!
You are looking for the possibility to vote without entering a name?
Our "hide participants" feature is not going to work for you?

Paulius Bakutis

We're looking for single press solution. E.g. entering the name and then pressing english title name "Vote as guest" is not understandable to some of our voters - they just don't understand english, so excluding this would be preferable.