Accessibility for disabled persons

Started by kuruku


I love this tool (pollunit) – however, it is not accessible to screen-readers / disabled persons. One of my people emailed to let me know that he could read the dot-poll text, but he could not participate / the controls were not accessible to his screen-reader. For now, I just re-type it all for him, and he tells me where to put the dots – seems like the best we can do…

Philipp Großelfinger

Hi, thank you for the feedback!
We are planning to improve this.
But we can't say how much effort it is or how long it will take. But we will keep you updated here.
Best regards

Markus Huber

We released our first accessible update. I think on this subject, the blind see more. Therefore we are very grateful for further feedback.

We updated the following features/controls:

  • boolean votes
  • star rating
  • dot voting
  • context menus
  • notifications
  • main navigation
  • sign in and sign up
  • various search forms and fields (work in progress)
  • new participation
  • delete option

Markus Huber

We have released further improvements:

  • My PollUnits Index (Filter/Sort)
  • Navigation improvements in evaluation
  • Navigation improvements in poll wizard