Create safe surveys

Create safe surveys

With PollUnit, you can efficiently make decisions and schedule appointments. This can be sensitive data, e.g. you create a poll about secret designs for the next campaign, logos, the next topics in your company ...

With PollUnit you can create secure surveys. Here you will learn what you should look out for.

PollUnit uses the encryption system SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for the free accounts for the entire data exchange. This ensures that personal data can not be read, copied or altered unauthorized while communicating with our server.

When you create a survey, a link is generated automatically that allows your users to participate in your survey. This link consists of a code that is nearly impossible to guess.

You should be aware of that the link can be saved in the browser history when transferring and using this secret link. This could make it possible for other people using your computer to access your surveys. This can be prevented by deleting your browser history. To ensure more effective access protection, you can also protect your survey with a password at PollUnit. We recommend you always set a password when you make decisions about sensitive data or company secrets.

As a further security measure, you can only allow access to users who have been sent an invitation. Only users who have a PollUnit account or create a new account via the invitation are allowed to access your poll. So you can restrict your survey to a specific group of people.

Published at: 2017-06-08 02:00 PM

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