Find decisions with the largest group acceptance

Find decisions with the largest group acceptance

With PollUnit you can now also make online decisions with the least resistance. This means that you are not looking for decisions with the greatest approval, but a decision that is as close to consensus as possible with the slightest rejection.

You simply create a PollUnit with your preferred vote type, such as dot voting, star rating or simple yes / no. Now you can choose the goal of "Least Resistance". Your survey participants can now cast negative votes or resistance votes. The option with the fewest "minus points" wins.

This has the advantage that particularly serious doubts are discovered and options are excluded that meet in the group on large rejection. The result is the option with the highest acceptance in a group.

Tip: With PollUnit you can conduct surveys anonymously, limit votes and much more. Our dot voting is ideal for consensus-based decision-making.

Published at: 2018-01-04 10:00 AM

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