Evaluate ideas and topics online

Evaluate ideas and topics online

PollUnit offers the possibility to create surveys, in which the participants can not only answer yes and no. The voting types 'Star Rating' and 'Dot-Voting' are suitable for evaluating your ideas and topics.

This is useful, for example, to prioritize specific time periods during the time-finding. However, there are many possibilities for using a valuation tool such as PollUnit, especially in professional everyday life.

For example, your team collects a wealth of ideas through brainstorming. This huge number of options can be evaluated and filtered using 'Star Rating' or 'Dot-Voting'. This can be done privately, but also in the team. The vote is possible both publicly and anonymously. Since PollUnit updates the result in real-time (no reload of the page necessary), each team member can submit his / her evaluation on his / her computer, but also immediately sees each vote of the other.

Use PollUnit to plan the topics for your retrospective. Each of the participants can propose their own topics and evaluate them and other topics. The subjects with the most votes are then discussed first.

Published at: 2017-04-10 06:51 AM

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