Collect ideas and create brainstromings

Collect ideas and create brainstromings

As announced in our roadmap for 2019, we now have a new PollUnit type for you.

With an idea collection you can collect ideas in groups on a topic or a question. Participants can also suggest new ideas and join in the discussion without an account.

Collections over a long period of time can also be easily carried out. Participants' suggestions can be sorted by activity, votes, and creation date. For example, companies can create pages for feature requests and bug reports and even integrate them on their own website.

When enough ideas have been collected, the collection administrator can end the brainstorming and create a follow-up vote. Here you can use the well-known PollUnit tools such as our online dot voting, star rating or finding consensus.

In addition, the brainstormings can be exported and analyzed with our evaluation tools.

The basic functions are also free for idea collections. So try it out right now and create your first online brainstorming with PollUnit.

Published at: 2019-07-31 08:23 AM

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