Organize weddings online

Organize weddings online

Weddings, whether small or large, require a lot of preparation and time. With PollUnit planning weddings get easier - make decisions, accelerate finding appointments and distribute tasks with one tool.

Create To Do lists and distribute tasks optimally. The participants can evaluate the tasks according to personal preferences and PollUnit assigns them automatically. So everyone get's a task that he or she likes to do. If the tasks can not be assigned by the preferences, it will be assign by lot. So there is no dispute between the helpers.

Since the participants of your surveys can add their own options, PollUnit is also suitable for gift lists, bring-along and food lists and much more.

With PollUnit you can also create your polls in your own design. You can find out how to create your own photos as a background and change the color scheme in our tutorial for creating your own designs.

Choosing the right wedding dress or the right suit is usually very difficult. Get help from your friends and find the perfect dress together. Often the best girlfriends live too far away for shopping. But you can create a online poll about pictures. So you can share photos of your wedding dresses with your girlfriends and rate the images.

Of course, our image galleries can also help you find the most beautiful invitation cards, flowers and designs.

P.S. Our poll functions are also suitable for planning bachelor parties 😉

Published at: 2017-06-29 09:38 PM

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