Chose Wrong Account Level

Started by EAED


…twice. I would like to upgrade to Enterprise for 1 Month. Is it possible to refund my previous purchases?
Thank you!

Markus Huber


If you purchase an Enterprise Account, the remaining time of your current account will be added proportionally to your new account. So if you buy a month Enterprise and you still have a month of Business, you will get about 10 days extra Enterprise.

Let me know if that's okay with you.
If not, first buy the Enterprise Account and we will manually adjust your remaining time in the account and refund the price of your Business Account.


Hi Markus
I seem unable to cancel the Business for some reason, so I am not sure how to buy Enterprise. If possible, I would prefer to have the refund (no extra time needed). Great software, by the way. Thank you.

Markus Huber

Thank you, I am happy that you like PollUnit!

You just have to buy an Enterprise Account. You made a one time purchase, so you don't have to cancel anything. Just go to and click "Buy" at the Enterprise Plan.

If everything worked out, I still need your account details for the refund - best by email to