Polls about time periods

Polls about time periods

Did you know? With PollUnit you can create polls about time periods.

Your polls will also take into account the local time zone of your participants. This makes it easy to arrange appointments across national borders.

You can also create surveys over a period of time - between two hours, whether on the same day or over several days.

Try it now: Our beginner tutorial will help you get started.

Published at: 2018-07-26 03:14 PM

Polls about time periods

Interactive votings for your live presentation

PollUnit is more than just an online voting system. PollUnit is your system for interactive live votings.

Use our surveys during your presentation and let your audience or class participate interactively. All changes are immediately displayed to all users. Your audience can vote during your presentation and you can evaluate the results together. So PollUnit becomes your real-time element on stage!

All you need for your live voting is a screen or beamer and participants with mobile phones or another internet-enabled device. Your audience can easily join in without logging in.
Then all you have to do is ask a question, collect the answers or ratings and PollUnit will show you the result.

PollUnit replaces the ballot paper and offers all participants not only simple answers such as yes and no, but also extended voting types such as star ratings, dot-votings or systemic consensus.

To display the results on the beamer, our premium users can switch to full-screen mode in the evaluation view.

For more information take a look in our

Published at: 2018-07-14 07:26 AM

Interactive votings for you...
Interactive votings for your live presentation

Online voting tool

Online voting tool

PollUnit has evolved!
We want to give you a short update.

With PollUnit you can create polls, votings, schedulings and rate images. We use new methods to test ideas and to make selections and decisions in a group. This includes, for example, dot voting, range voting and systemic consensus.

You have a variety of extensions at your disposal. For example: vote without login, comments, allow new options, expiration date, password protection, limits, hidden votes, effects, randomly sorted options and much more.

But also tools to manage your polls, logos and themes, as well as groups and teams are available. You can embed your polls directly on your website or use them as real-time elements on stage.

Here you will find an overview of methods for your online voting.

Published at: 2018-07-13 10:28 AM

Online voting tool

Integrate surveys and polls on your own website

Today we released our new feature »Embed PollUnit«. Now our premium members can integrate their surveys on their own website.

With an embedded poll, every visitor to your website can participate directly and easily in your PollUnit.

Whether you want to embed your poll or votings in Wordpress, Joomla, Tumblr, Drupal or other web technologies: embedding PollUnits is possible without advanced programming skills. By clicking on »Embedding« in the context menu of your PollUnit a short manual and a code snippet appears. If the code snippet has been inserted on your website, your visitors have the possibility to vote directly on your website.

You can configure your polls as usual, allow participants to vote without registration and create their own themes to adapt the poll to the design of your website.

If the website is optimized for mobile devices and the PollUnit is embedded correctly, PollUnit automatically adapts to the resolution of mobile phones and tablets.

Learn more in ourTutorial »Integrate polls on your own website«.

Published at: 2018-07-10 11:48 AM

Integrate surveys and polls...
Integrate surveys and polls on your own website

Redesign of our poll management

Redesign of our poll management

Life becomes a little easier for all poll administrators. We have simplified the management of your PollUnits, themes, groups and logos and introduced a context menu.

You open the new context menu with a click on the three points and get an overview of all possible functions.

In addition, your polls are now grouped by their status (Active, Completed).

Published at: 2018-05-31 12:56 PM

Redesign of our poll manage...

Online poll with randomly-ordered options

In polls with many options, it is possible that options at the beginning and end of a list get higher attention. Thus, options in the middle of a vote have worse chances than the outside ones. This effect is called »Order Bias«, »Position Bias« or »Sequential Bias«.

To avoid order bias you can randomize the order of the options.

With PollUnit you can automatically shuffle your poll options for each user. This feature works with all our poll types, including image voting.

Published at: 2018-05-31 10:00 AM

Online poll with randomly-o...
Online poll with randomly-ordered options

New instructions on how to create online polls

New instructions on how to create online polls

After adding some new features to PollUnit in the last months, there are now also new instructions for creating online polls.

If you need more information or have any difficulties, please have a look at our help or write to our support team at support@pollunit.com.

Our online poll tutorials are updated regularly, so check back often and keep up to date.

Published at: 2018-05-08 10:00 PM

New instructions on how to ...

Groups for your online voting

Sending invitations to your < href="https://pollunit.com/en/voting">online polls is now even easier.

With a premium account you can create and manage groups or teams. You can then simply invite them to your polls.

For example, you can create groups such as »Friends«, »Family« or »Colleagues« and speed up the creation of your polls. You can create an unlimited number of receiver lists and add them to your PollUnits. Ideal for recurring polls and teamwork!

The users without login as well as the free accounts can of course still create invitations to their online votes by manual entry of recipients.

Published at: 2018-04-27 03:48 PM

Groups for your online voting
Groups for your online voting

Polls with file attachment

Polls with file attachment

After allowing users to create polls on PDFs last week, we have news for you again. You can now create polls and group decisions on files.

Simply upload your files to a PollUnit and share the content with your friends or customers. Participants in the survey can download the files and rate them as usual or vote for one of the files.

You can upload following filetypes: pdf, zip, docx, xlsx, pptx and txt

Published at: 2018-03-28 02:00 PM

Polls with file attachment

Polls where users can add options

PollUnit is all about finding a collaborative decision. We offer many ways to vote and rate. From simple yes / no votes to an online dotmocracy solution - also known as dotvoting.

PollUnit is more than a tool for online voting. You can create polls and allow participants to add their own options. Your participants can thus actively shape the poll and together you will find the best idea, solution, date or the most beautiful photo.

The basic functions are free for you. Try it out now. In our tutorial "Create your first poll" you can find more information.

Published at: 2018-03-27 12:00 PM

Polls where users can add o...
Polls where users can add options