New instructions on how to create online polls

After adding some new features to PollUnit in the last months, there are now also new instructions for creating online polls.

If you need more information or have any difficulties, please have a look at our help or write to our support team at

Our online poll tutorials are updated regularly, so check back often and keep up to date.

Published at: 2018-05-08 10:00 PM

New instructions on how to ...

Groups for your online voting

Sending invitations to your online polls is now even easier.

With a premium account you can create and manage groups or teams. You can then simply invite them to your polls.

For example, you can create groups such as »Friends«, »Family« or »Colleagues« and speed up the creation of your polls. You can create an unlimited number of receiver lists and add them to your PollUnits. Ideal for recurring polls and teamwork!

The users without login as well as the free accounts can of course still create invitations to their online votes by manual entry of recipients.

Published at: 2018-04-27 03:48 PM

Groups for your online voting

Polls with file attachment

After allowing users to create polls on PDFs last week, we have news for you again. You can now create polls and group decisions on files.

Simply upload your files to a PollUnit and share the content with your friends or customers. Participants in the survey can download the files and rate them as usual or vote for one of the files.

You can upload following filetypes: pdf, zip, docx, xlsx, pptx and txt

Published at: 2018-03-28 02:00 PM

Polls with file attachment

Polls where users can add options

PollUnit is all about finding a collaborative decision. We offer many ways to vote and rate. From simple yes / no votes to an online dotmocracy solution - also known as dotvoting.

PollUnit is more than a tool for online voting. You can create polls and allow participants to add their own options. Your participants can thus actively shape the poll and together you will find the best idea, solution, date or the most beautiful photo.

The basic functions are free for you. Try it out now. In our tutorial "Create your first poll" you can find more information.

Published at: 2018-03-27 12:00 PM

Polls where users can add o...

Vote and rate PDFs

We are pleased to introduce you to another feature. In addition to an online vote on photos you can now also rate PDFs. Convert your documents into PDF files and upload them to your PollUnit. So you can quickly and easily create polls about whole files.

This makes PollUnit your ideal tool for evaluating layouts, graphics or documents in a team or with the customer - whether one-sided flyers or multi-page layouts.

The users of the poll with PDFs do not even need an account and can participate in your poll without registering.

Try it now and create your first free poll.

Published at: 2018-03-21 05:04 PM

Vote and rate PDFs

Increased traceability in your group decisions

In order to better understand what is happening in your PollUnit, we have expanded our messaging system. All actions in your PollUnit are now stored in an Activity Log.

This is done to ensure a fair and transparent decision in the team during the vote. If you delete your PollUnit, all activities will be deleted.

We can inform you directly at PollUnit about new votes and comments. The administrators of PollUnits can now also delete abusive comments and duplicate or incorrect participation of other users, without doing so secretly.

You will find the Activity Log in the evaluation of your group decision.

Published at: 2018-03-06 02:00 PM

Increased traceability in y...

Rate pictures online

Already knew? PollUnit is not just your tool for rating your text options and appointments. You can easily create free reviews about pictures.

Ideal for rating photos or logos. For the lonely photographer to the big agency - With PollUnit you can quickly find the right picture!

To help you get started, here's a guide on how to rate pictures online. Of course, you can vote here including a preview of your photos. Try it now and get feedback from customers and friends.

P.S. Your customer does not even need an account. He can immediately rate your image without signing up.

Published at: 2018-03-03 06:20 PM

Rate pictures online

More control over your group decisions

Many of our users wanted more control over the participants, content and votes in their PollUnit's. Therefore, we are happy to introduce you to our new admin functions.

First of all, please note: Our goal is to enable you a fair and transparent voting process. It should not be possible to cheat and secretly change content or votes. Therefore, all administrative interventions are saved in an Activity Log. This is visible to all participants.

As an admin of a group decision, you can now delete comments from participants. So you can remove inappropriate comments and abusive content from your PollUnit. That a comment was deleted is recorded in the Activity Log.

In addition, you can now delete participants and their votes as the admin of a poll. This is also recorded in the activity log. This feature allows you to remove duplicate and unauthorized participations transparently.

If you have any further ideas or requests, just drop us an email at

Published at: 2018-03-02 11:00 PM

More control over your grou...

More participants in your group decisions

We have increased our participant limits. This means that even more users can now participate in your group decisions. Participant limits have changed as follows:

Anonymous users and all free accounts can now make group decisions with up to 20 participants - completely free and with many features for the perfect online group decision.

The limit for our premium users has increased from 100 to 200 participants.

Published at: 2018-02-22 02:08 PM

More participants in your g...

Plan bachelor party online

To plan and prepare a bachelor party many discussions are necessary. Many questions have to be asked, partly to large groups.

PollUnit's online group decision tool will help you. Plan, collect ideas and let your participants rate the options - without an account. Here are a few typical questions that you can answer with PollUnit and your friends:

Who's joining?
So that you can continue planning, ask all participants of the bachelor party how much they are willing to spend. With a simple yes / no PollUnit and a few suggestions from you, you can easily find out.

Where is it going?
The planning of the location: Create a PollUnit and collect with all participants ideas where the bachelor party should take place. Then you can rate the ideas in the group. We recommend our star rating.

When do we celebrate?
Find together a date or the period when the bachelor party should take place. You can allow the participants to make their own suggestions.

Which activities are we planning?
Games, going for dinner, poledance, casino, a hiking day, etc. - Again, you can use PollUnit to collect your ideas, rate them and make a group decision.

And finally...

Distribute tasks!
Create a to-do list and distribute tasks. All participants can evaluate the tasks and PollUnit assigns the tasks according to the preferences of the participants.

New to PollUnit? Learn how to make group decisions online in our tutorial.

Published at: 2018-01-23 12:00 AM

Plan bachelor party online