Find, filter and sort your PollUnits

Find, filter and sort your PollUnits

Today we released a new feature for all power users of our Online Voting Tool. You can now search, filter and sort your PollUnits.

In your overview you will find a search field with which you can search for the title, the description, as well as the name of the creator of the PollUnit. The matching PollUnits will be displayed as a result.

You can sort lists according to three criteria: the newest PollUnits, the newest activities in your PollUnit and titles.

Click on the filter icon to enter the advanced search. Here you can filter for further attributes of your PollUnits. E.g. if you only want to see date polls or if you want to filter for dot votes. The filters can be combined arbitrarily - also with the search!

If you miss an important filter or other feature, send us an email to or open a ticket in our Support Forum.

For all who are new to PollUnit: have a look at our homepage for an overview of our features for free polls and surveys.

Published at: 2019-04-14 08:45 PM

Find, filter and sort your ...

Evaluate polls per country

As already announced, we have extended our tools for the evaluation of polls and surveys. You can now evaluate your participants per country.

Using the GeoLite2 data from MaxMind, we can now find out the country of your voter and make it available to you anonymously. Opinions and tastes can vary regionally and these country-specific differences in your international surveys can now be identified quickly and reliably.

The country evaluation works for all types of our online voting and gives you an insight into the regionally different preferences of your participants.

Further information can be found in our tutorial Evaluate your PollUnit. If we can help you with more tools to better understand your votes, use our forum for a feature request or write us an email to

Published at: 2019-04-02 07:45 AM

Evaluate polls per country
Evaluate polls per country

Limit the number of participants per option or date

Limit the number of participants per option or date

We have extended the possibility of limiting participants in your PollUnit voting. You can now choose between three limitation types.

No Limits means that every voter can vote for any option, no matter how many other participants voted for that option before.

A global limit on all options allows you to limit the number of participants of all options to the same number. For example, with a limit of 1, each option can only be selected once.

Individual limits per option are limitations on options or dates. You can configure the number of possible participations per option here. For example, you can plan online courses with different numbers of seats.

You will find the settings for this in step 4, the advanced settings, when creating your voting.

Published at: 2019-03-12 07:55 AM

Limit the number of partici...

Add new options to your Slack Voting

Deciding together and finding the best option together also means that anyone can propose solutions and ideas. With PollUnit you can create a online poll that let users add new options.

This feature is now also available directly in Slack. Slack is a tool for communication within workgroups - a collaboration hub. With the PollUnit App you make Slack your voting tool. Now the participants of your Slack Workspaces can add their own options.

Try it now and add PollUnit to Slack for free. Have fun with your group decision in Slack!

Published at: 2019-03-07 12:00 AM

Add new options to your Sla...
Add new options to your Slack Voting

The old must give way to the new

The old must give way to the new

Recently we had more server failures and PollUnit was sometimes not available. This was due to our oldest server instance, which had been in operation for more than 2 years.

We replaced the old fat server with two new youthful slim instances. In addition, we have extended our monitoring to become more quickly aware of problems.

We apologize and are confident to offer a more stable service from now on.

Published at: 2019-03-06 05:34 PM

The old must give way to th...

Functions for a better evaluation of your votes

In order to quickly and easily get the right insights from the data of your poll, there will be more and more possibilities for evaluation in the near future. We have already started with the conversion and give the administrators new tools into the hand.

Beside structural updates there is now the possibility to see the distribution of votes on options at a glance. So you can see the number of people that have your options with one, two, three, etc. points. This is useful, for example, if you have designs rated by products. Designs that were especially often rated with full points will probably sell better than designs with a higher average rating but fewer maximum points. So in this example the number of pieces of individual products can be calculated better.

In the participant overview you see beside the voters and the invited users who have not yet voted an overview when the votes were cast in your PollUnit.

Next, we will enable you to perform the evaluations country-specifically. Opinions and tastes can vary greatly from country to country. So you can see if voting results differ.

If you have ideas how we can help you to better evaluate your polls and votes, write a feature request in our support forum.

Published at: 2019-03-02 08:02 PM

Functions for a better eval...
Functions for a better evaluation of your votes

Create a Slack Dot Voting

Create a Slack Dot Voting

From now on you can create and perform dot-votings in our Slack App in addition to simple yes / no and star ratings.

In a Dot-Voting the participants vote with a limited number of points. Each participant distributes his/her dots among the available options. The option with the most dots wins.

Try it for free and add PollUnit to your Slack Apps. You don't have to leave Slack anymore to start a poll. With the command »/pollunit create« you can create polls within Slack.

Published at: 2019-03-02 07:48 PM

Create a Slack Dot Voting

Rate pictures with and without caption

Today we have a small update for all users who want to rate images with PollUnit. PollUnit showed the file name or a freely selectable caption for each image. Now you can also hide the caption for the participants.

For example, you can hide generic names assigned by your camera or smartphone. But you can also hide voting relevant file names. In the evaluation and in the admin of your picture poll the names remain visible to you for later identification.

Published at: 2019-02-25 12:10 PM

Rate pictures with and with...
Rate pictures with and without caption

Updates for our Yes / No votings

Updates for our Yes / No votings

We have adapted and extended our Yes-No polls to your feedback. The following has changed:

Better visibility of missing votes on new options
If a new option has been added to your poll, an empty field will appear in the voters' line. Only if your participant votes for or against the option will the field be filled in.

Upvoting or downvoting
With our »Yes« polls, your voters can upvote your options. Negative and neutral votes are combined and ignored. With the target »lowest resistance« you can only collect negative votes and ignore positive votes.

No and undecided as answer
With our »Yes / No« surveys you can allow your participants to rate your options negative or neutral. A negative vote will be subtracted from the positive votes.

Have fun voting!

Published at: 2019-02-19 02:10 PM

Updates for our Yes / No vo...

Create Slack votings

Out now: Use PollUnit as an extension to create polls and polls directly in Slack.

Integrate PollUnit into your Slack workflow and create Slack Polls and Votings like a simple yes/no voting, star rating or date poll. Rate ideas and topics in your Slack Workspace!

Your team can vote without having to invite participants to the survey. Everyone in your Slack Channel will automatically be notified of a new PollUnit and will receive permission to vote. You can also share the same poll online with other users or restrict access to slack users only.

Published at: 2019-02-11 11:00 AM

Create Slack votings
Create Slack votings