Online voting tool with P2P encryption

Online voting tool with P2P encryption

New: Peer-To-Peer encryption. Now we can protect your secret votings, polls and sensitive data even better.

With peer-to-peer encryption (P2P), or end-to-end encryption, the data is encrypted by the sender before it is sent and decrypted by the recipient after it is received.

This means that PollUnits with such P2P technology receive and store your survey data encrypted. This stored data cannot be decrypted or read by us! Only the users with the appropriate key can decrypt the data in your browser and make it readable again.

Please note that we cannot help you in a P2P voting with password loss!

Further information can be found in our help section encryption.

Published at: 2018-10-13 07:00 PM

Online voting tool with P2P...

New theme settings

You can now activate headline shadows and glows in your theme settings. So you can increase the readability of headlines in your online polls on high-contrast background images.

New at PollUnit? Read more in our tutorial: Polls in your own design. Or try our free poll creator with numerous free themes.

Published at: 2018-10-08 10:00 PM

New theme settings
New theme settings

Plan a Halloween party online

Plan a Halloween party online

Besides usecases for your Halloween plans we have news for all Halloween fans and Halloween party organizers.

With a new spider effect and a creepy theme you can now create your bring lists and date polls for free in a horror design.

Usecase: scary decoration and party music
You'll create the right atmosphere with a good decoration - pumpkins, witches, bats, spiders and spider webs as much as possible! Maybe you can even organize a smoke machine.
For the perfect music you can create your own playlist of Halloween classics like Michael Jackson's »Thriller« or »Ghostbusters« by Ray Parker, Jr. Or you just put in a scary soundtrack like »Nightmare Before Christmas«.

Usecase: Halloween food and horror cocktails
On Halloween, of course, the sweets should not be missing. So go to the next supermarket and get gummy worms, eyes and co. Find some Halloween recipes and prepare creepy snacks and cocktails. Think of enough dishes for your guests.

No matter if it's a bring list, decoration utensils or the right music: PollUnit helps you to prioritize these ideas and to distribute tasks according to personal preferences.

So nothing stands in the way of a successful Halloween party!

Thanks to Johannes Plenio for his great photo which we use in our theme!

Published at: 2018-10-08 12:38 PM

Plan a Halloween party online

Change your dot voting while running

Today we announce another feature that one of our customers requested and is now available for all of you.

Imagine the following case: You create a Online Dot Voting with 10 points to be distributed. Now you want to change the number of possible points after some participants have already cast their votes. For example because the number of options has increased.
Until now our online voting tool did not allow this. Since today, admins can increase the number of points while your online rating is running. All participants with a PollUnit account will be informed that additional points can be distributed.
A reduction of the dots is not possible because if the dots are decreased and somebody has already voted, we would need to subtract points from voted options.

New? Learn how to create your own online poll with PollUnit.

Published at: 2018-10-01 10:00 PM

Change your dot voting whil...
Change your dot voting while running

Create online rating with a flexible number of stars

Create online rating with a flexible number of stars

With our voting tool you can now also create flexible star ratings. For example, surveys with 0-5 stars or 0-10 stars are possible.

So you are completely free to choose how granular your participants can rate options. In addition, we will now show you the total and the average of all awarded stars in our participant list. This also works with our Online Dot Voting.

Here you can find more information about our star rating. Or try it right away and click on "Create PollUnit" and create your first free feedback entry.

Published at: 2018-08-31 12:49 AM

Create online rating with a...

Choose a final result after your online voting

Sometimes it happens that our online voting tool delivers results with the same points or the result with the most points is not the best result after all. Therefore, a final result can now be selected when you close your online voting.

For example, when closing your date poll you can now decide on which date the meeting will take place. The final result is then displayed as the best result in your date poll. The actual points of the individual options are retained.

Published at: 2018-08-28 10:07 AM

Choose a final result after...
Choose a final result after your online voting

Online team voting on a single computer

Online team voting on a single computer

There are news for our users who carry out live votings and polls in the office with only one or a few computers. With our new feature »Change participants« several participants can now cast their votes on one computer without an account.

You can enter your name and vote as usual. By clicking on »New participant« your identity on the browser will be deleted and the next participant will be able to vote.

If a participant without an account clicks on »New participant«, he can no longer change votes. Participants with PollUnit account can still edit their votes by logging in again.

Published at: 2018-08-22 05:15 PM

Online team voting on a sin...

Polls with unlimitted participants

How many participants can vote online with PollUnit?

After some updates in our architecture we were able to speed up PollUnit. This not only has the advantage that your online polls now load even faster, but also allows us to manage a much larger number of participants per online poll.

Voting without a participant limit is a bit fuzzy, but surveys with up to 20,000 participants can now be created in our enterprise accounts. If that's not enough for you, contact and we'll allow you to vote with almost unlimited participants.

Published at: 2018-07-31 12:00 PM

Polls with unlimitted parti...
Polls with unlimitted participants

Polls about time periods

Polls about time periods

Did you know? With PollUnit you can create polls about time periods.

Your polls will also take into account the local time zone of your participants. This makes it easy to arrange appointments across national borders.

You can also create surveys over a period of time - between two hours, whether on the same day or over several days.

Try it now: Our beginner tutorial will help you get started.

Published at: 2018-07-26 03:14 PM

Polls about time periods

Interactive votings for your live presentation

PollUnit is more than just an online voting system. PollUnit is your system for interactive live votings.

Use our surveys during your presentation and let your audience or class participate interactively. All changes are immediately displayed to all users. Your audience can vote during your presentation and you can evaluate the results together. So PollUnit becomes your real-time element on stage!

All you need for your live voting is a screen or beamer and participants with mobile phones or another internet-enabled device. Your audience can easily join in without logging in.
Then all you have to do is ask a question, collect the answers or ratings and PollUnit will show you the result.

PollUnit replaces the ballot paper and offers all participants not only simple answers such as yes and no, but also extended voting types such as star ratings, dot-votings or systemic consensus.

To display the results on the beamer, our premium users can switch to full-screen mode in the evaluation view.

For more information take a look in our

Published at: 2018-07-14 07:26 AM

Interactive votings for you...
Interactive votings for your live presentation