Find decisions with the largest group acceptance

With PollUnit you can now also make online decisions with the least resistance. This means that you are not looking for decisions with the greatest approval, but a decision that is as close to consensus as possible with the slightest rejection.

You simply create a PollUnit with your preferred vote type, such as dot voting, star rating or simple yes / no. Now you can choose the goal of "Least Resistance". Your survey participants can now cast negative votes or resistance votes. The option with the fewest "minus points" wins.

This has the advantage that particularly serious doubts are discovered and options are excluded that meet in the group on large rejection. The result is the option with the highest acceptance in a group.

Tip: With PollUnit you can conduct surveys anonymously, limit votes and much more. Our dot voting is ideal for consensus-based decision-making.

Published at: 2018-01-04 10:00 AM

Find decisions with the lar...

In app notifications for your PollUnits

Already discovered our new feature »In App notifications« for our Free and Premium Accounts? Now you will be informed about new votes in your polls, schedulings and prioritizations via an activation stream.

In addition to the e-mail notifications (from which you can unsubscribe at any time), you now have the opportunity to directly view updates of your PollUnit's in app.

With a click on the bell (top right) you open the activity stream for your PollUnits. Your PollUnits are polls, you created and those you have participated in. A red bubble indicates when new votes have been cast.

Published at: 2017-12-22 02:58 PM

In app notifications for yo...

Pimp your PollUnit - effects for your polls

We are pleased to offer you a variety of free effects for your online polls, schedulings and prioritizations.

Let it snow, rain or let stars flicker and fireflies fly and make your online poll something special. Ideal for scheduling your next Christmas party or planning the next picnic under the starry sky in an individual look. Perfect in combination with your themes!

Published at: 2017-12-11 08:03 AM

Pimp your PollUnit - effect...

Online polls with your own logo

We are pleased to introduce our new premium feature "Own Logos". In addition to themes, you can now also upload logos and manage them in your account. You can activate these logos in your surveys and thus replace the PollUnit logo in the header of your PollUnit.

Try it now, upload your first logo and increase the recognition of your surveys for your customers and users.

You can manage several logos in your account. So you can create polls with different logos - no matter if you use a logo for an event, your company or your employer. Ideal for agencies, designers and anyone who cares about their corporate design.

In addition, you can add a link to your website. This way your users will get directly to your website by clicking your logo.

Published at: 2017-12-07 06:05 PM

Online polls with your own ...

Duplicate existing polls

Do you regularly meet with friends for sports, to have a picnic or do you schedule weekly and monthly tasks and events?

With our new feature "Clone Poll" you can now simply copy existing PollUnits and make planning more easily. The copied poll and its options can then be shared and your users can vote again. With this feature, you can quickly and easily create recurring surveys.

To duplicate your survey, go to "My PollUnits" and click the "Clone Poll" icon. You get redirected directly to the Poll Wizard and can customize the settings of your original survey. You can customize the copied survey without changing the previous PollUnit and its votes.

Published at: 2017-12-05 07:22 PM

Duplicate existing polls

Export your PollUnit

With PollUnit you can , find appointments and now alsoevaluate your data locally. As an admin of a PollUnit you have the possibility to export the participants and their votes as CSV. You can open and evaluate this CSV file in the office program of your choice (such as Open Office, Excel, ...).

Just open your PollUnit via the Admin Link and click the CSV export icon in the footer of your survey.

Published at: 2017-12-05 06:47 PM

Export your PollUnit

Themes for the scheduling and bring-lists of your Christmas celebrations

We've got some nice designs for your Christmas votings and polls. The designs are available to all PollUnit users free of charge as theme. You'll also find a overview of all free themes for your polls.

Many thanks to Annie Spratt, Paul Itkin and Todd Diemer for your great photos!

Have a nice Christmas time and have fun planning your Christmas parties!

Published at: 2017-10-30 08:00 AM

Themes for the scheduling a...

Online surveys and polls with german data protection

Did you know? PollUnit hosts all data in Germany. Our headquarter and developers are also located in Germany - so your PollUnits are under German Data Protection Law.

To make your appointments and polls even more secure, check out our post Create Safe Surveys.

Published at: 2017-09-20 05:00 PM

Online surveys and polls wi...

Easy and secure online elections

Create anonymous votings and elections within a few clicks. Simply reach your participants and enable them to vote without login.

Choose from different types of voting. Allow your participants to cast simple votes or use PollUnit's Dot-Voting to give multiple votes to a person. Likewise, the number of votes can be customized.

PollUnit makes it easy for your participants to vote. You can easily vote from your computer or smartphone. As a creator of the online election, you can enable various security options to restrict access to your PollUnit.
For example, you can allow only invited participants to vote. You can send invitations via PollUnit - only with this invitation you can vote.

With PollUnit, you have the option to create online elections in your own design. In addition, you can choose from a variety of ready-made themes to personalize your election.

Published at: 2017-09-18 10:00 AM

Easy and secure online elec...

Tips for successful online scheduling with PollUnit

With PollUnit, you can quickly and easily find appointments online, without registration. That your scheduling work as smoothly as possible, we have some tips for you!

So what should you pay attention to if you want to find dates?

Do not overload your participants with too many possible dates. Ask your users to keep the suggested dates free. You should therefore exclude unnecessary appointments in advance and execute the voting as fast as possible.

Set your participants a deadline. With an automatic expiration date in your PollUnit, invited attendees will be reminded once again if they have not already decided or voted.

After expiry of your PollUnit, you can visit your admin link and close it by clicking the "Close PollUnit". All registered users will be notified of the results. You can add an individual message here. Please note that all anonymous users, ie participants without account, can not be notified by us. If possible, share the results with a different route.

Avoid multiple vote sessions. If a suitable appointment has not been found, you can add new dates. This will automatically inform your registered participants. This function should not be exaggerated.

To prioritize dates, you can choose between different valuation types.

Published at: 2017-07-13 10:33 PM

Tips for successful online ...