Create online polls about images

Create online polls about images

You want to find clothes in which you look best, or you need to make professional decisions about graphics, a process of reconciling images is often necessary.

But how do you share the pictures so that everyone can vote, whether your participant has the necessary graphic software, or can only be reached on the smartphone or sits in the agency and wants to easily see your pictures in high quality on the graphic monitor? The coordination process should be as fast and simple as possible!

With PollUnit, you can easily create a free online poll on images. You can upload your own pictures and use them in your poll. Depending on the target of your poll, the participants can then rate your pictures or choose a picture that best suits them.

Your participants can click through your gallery and rate each picture individually or vote in the overview.

For more information, we have written a tutorial for creating surveys with images for you.

Published at: 2017-06-13 04:51 PM

Create online polls about i...

Online polls without registration

Organizing large groups can be very time-consuming. Usually countless e-mails are necessary to come to a conclusion. You can optimize this process with online surveys.

Complicated registrations can often become too much of a hurdle for users. With PollUnit, you can create polls where your participants can vote without registration.

But even creating polls is possible without an account. You simply click on "Create new PollUnit" and configure your free survey. Then you invite your participants or simply send the link to your poll by e-mail to all the voters. Now the participants can vote immediately after entering their names - without registration or opt-in procedure.

Published at: 2017-06-12 10:37 PM

Online polls without regist...
Online polls without registration

Create safe surveys

Create safe surveys

With PollUnit, you can efficiently make decisions and schedule appointments. This can be sensitive data, e.g. you create a poll about secret designs for the next campaign, logos, the next topics in your company ...

With PollUnit you can create secure surveys. Here you will learn what you should look out for.

PollUnit uses the encryption system SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for the free accounts for the entire data exchange. This ensures that personal data can not be read, copied or altered unauthorized while communicating with our server.

When you create a survey, a link is generated automatically that allows your users to participate in your survey. This link consists of a code that is nearly impossible to guess.

You should be aware of that the link can be saved in the browser history when transferring and using this secret link. This could make it possible for other people using your computer to access your surveys. This can be prevented by deleting your browser history. To ensure more effective access protection, you can also protect your survey with a password at PollUnit. We recommend you always set a password when you make decisions about sensitive data or company secrets.

As a further security measure, you can only allow access to users who have been sent an invitation. Only users who have a PollUnit account or create a new account via the invitation are allowed to access your poll. So you can restrict your survey to a specific group of people.

Published at: 2017-06-08 02:00 PM

Create safe surveys

Vote and create polls with smartphone, desktop or tablet online

Depending on the resolution and input devices, the online survey tool PollUnit responds to the requirements of your display. PollUnit show you different designs and / or layouts to give you and your survey participants always a clear and user-friendly page. Whether Mouse or Touch, all PollUnit functions are both easy to use from your PC as well as from your mobile phone.

PollUnit is platform-independent - Participants with Android, iOS, Windows or Linux can participate in your surveys via their browser. No installation required. Everyone who has access to the Internet can visit your poll and vote for options.

With various share features, you can send your poll to your friends and colleagues. This includes email and WhatsApp.

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Vote and create polls with ...
Vote and create polls with smartphone, desktop or tablet online

Present and vote - online surveys for designers, agencies and their clients

Present and vote - online surveys for designers, agencies and their clients

As a designer or agency, it is part of everyday life to coordinate and evaluate graphic work with customers. Often several decision-makers have to be involved. This makes a joint assessment of the work difficult.

PollUnit is an ideal tool to speed up the evaluation and reconciliation process.

A small example: You want to present your logos to different customers and let them vote which logo is best.
To do this, create a PollUnit with the "Image" type. In order to make an rating possible, you select "star rating" or "dot-voting" as voting type. Upload your logos and share your PollUnit with your customers. Check out our Tutorial to create polls to rate your images.

Now your customers can see your work and rate it in a Lightbox.

You also have the option to hide the ratings of your participants. This prevents you from influencing your customers. At the end of the vote, the hidden votes are displayed and an evaluation is made possible.

An optional password and a full SSL encryption provide additional protection.

Your customers also can leave feedback in the comments.

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Present and vote - online s...

Interactive surveys for team meetings and classrooms

To communicate between the survey participant's browser and the PollUnit server we use the WebSocket protocol. This has the advantage over a pure HTTP connection that the browser does not have to ask for new results of your survey in order to get updates. With WebSockets the browser instantly receives new votes or changes - without waiting.

This makes PollUnit suitable for interactive surveys for meetings or classrooms. For example, create a survey of which topics are to be addressed next. Your colleagues or students can see your PollUnit via a projector. You share your survey and each participant chooses an option with his laptop or smartphone. Every change is instantly visible to everyone. You and your team or students can immediately discuss the results or add new options.

For votes, e.g. the choice to a class representative, you can also conduct your survey anonymously.

By clicking on evaluation, you and all participants will get a result with pie chart and bar graph.

Learn more in our tutorial how you can create online live votings!

Published at: 2017-06-03 09:42 AM

Interactive surveys for tea...
Interactive surveys for team meetings and classrooms

Organize Party online - with a todo list or food list from PollUnit

Organize Party online - with a todo list or food list from PollUnit

In addition to scheduling, PollUnit help you with the organization who is bringing which food or drinks for your celebration.

The basic function is quite simple: You create a list of dishes and / or beverages. You invite your friends via email or WhatsApp to your PollUnit. All participants opt for one or more dishes they want to bring along and check the appropriate option. If an option is already taken, it can not be selected. A click on evaluation and finished!

Your friends do not need an account to vote, so they can quickly choose a task without having to complete a registration.

Your participants can also add their own food suggestions. So you do not have to think about all the dishes and drinks for your party and your guests can be creative.

To suit your needs, many other features are available to customize your food list. For example, you can allow each dish to be brought twice. You can add a background image suitable to your celebration and you have the possibility to leave comments...

Published at: 2017-05-27 02:01 PM

Organize Party online - wit...

PollUnit's Dot Voting Tool

With Dot-Voting (also known as Sticker-Voting, Dotmocracy or Multi-Voting) you facilitate the decision-making in a group. This agile method is often used to resolve the number of topics, ideas and options and prioritize them.

Each member of your group gets a limited number of points or stickers. These can be distributed by the participant to available or his favorite options. The participant can assign any number of points to an option or a previously specified maximum number per option.

After the vote, the dot-voting shows you a "winner", but also an evaluation of all ideas and options. You can then develop these in the team further.

PollUnit offers you a dot-voting tool with which your team can quickly and easily evaluate your topics. The basic functions of the Online Dot voting are free of charge and can also be used without account.

PollUnit's online dot voting adds a few more benefits. Dot-voting is usually an open voting procedure and carries the risk of a co-ordination effect. You can prevent this by running your PollUnit anonymously.

Just try it out, click on "Create new PollUnit" and generate your first dot-voting.

Published at: 2017-05-06 01:38 PM

PollUnit's Dot Voting Tool
PollUnit's Dot Voting Tool

Plan your holidays online

Plan your holidays online

During the holiday planning, there is much to be decided in a group. First off, where to go? Then, when has everybody time for the trip? And finally, who takes care of what?

Try PollUnit to solve these questions with our simple planning tool.

Where are we going? Create your first PollUnit with the type "Free text". The best way to do this is to select "Star rating" as a vote type to allow prioritization. Enter your holiday destinations and allow your participants to make their own proposals. Save, invite and vote. The holiday destination is chosen.

When starts and ends our trip? With another PollUnit find out which time period is most suitable for you and your friends.

And last but not least, who brings the toothpaste, suncream, board games, cards, dinghy and everything else you need for your perfect holiday? You can distribute tasks with the PollUnit target "Distribute options optimally".

For more information, check out our tutorials.

Published at: 2017-04-22 06:46 AM

Plan your holidays online

New Poll Type: Time periods

Our newest feature: time periods!
From now on, You can also set the duration of appointments.
Thus, it is easier now to vote with Your friends from when to when You go exactly on vacation.
As with the previous appointments, there are time period options with and without time.

Have fun with it!

Published at: 2017-04-21 05:06 AM

New Poll Type: Time periods
New Poll Type: Time periods