Organize Party online - with a todo list or food list from PollUnit

Organize Party online - with a todo list or food list from PollUnit

In addition to scheduling, PollUnit help you with the organization who is bringing which food or drinks for your celebration.

The basic function is quite simple: You create a list of dishes and / or beverages. You invite your friends via email or WhatsApp to your PollUnit. All participants opt for one or more dishes they want to bring along and check the appropriate option. If an option is already taken, it can not be selected. A click on evaluation and finished!

Your friends do not need an account to vote, so they can quickly choose a task without having to complete a registration.

Your participants can also add their own food suggestions. So you do not have to think about all the dishes and drinks for your party and your guests can be creative.

To suit your needs, many other features are available to customize your food list. For example, you can allow each dish to be brought twice. You can add a background image suitable to your celebration and you have the possibility to leave comments...

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Organize Party online - wit...

PollUnit's Dot Voting Tool

With Dot-Voting (also known as Sticker-Voting, Dotmocracy or Multi-Voting) you facilitate the decision-making in a group. This agile method is often used to resolve the number of topics, ideas and options and prioritize them.

Each member of your group gets a limited number of points or stickers. These can be distributed by the participant to available or his favorite options. The participant can assign any number of points to an option or a previously specified maximum number per option.

After the vote, the dot-voting shows you a "winner", but also an evaluation of all ideas and options. You can then develop these in the team further.

PollUnit offers you a dot-voting tool with which your team can quickly and easily evaluate your topics. The basic functions of the Online Dot voting are free of charge and can also be used without account.

PollUnit's online dot voting adds a few more benefits. Dot-voting is usually an open voting procedure and carries the risk of a co-ordination effect. You can prevent this by running your PollUnit anonymously.

Just try it out, click on "Create new PollUnit" and generate your first dot-voting.

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PollUnit's Dot Voting Tool
PollUnit's Dot Voting Tool

Plan your holidays online

Plan your holidays online

During the holiday planning, there is much to be decided in a group. First off, where to go? Then, when has everybody time for the trip? And finally, who takes care of what?

Try PollUnit to solve these questions with our simple planning tool.

Where are we going? Create your first PollUnit with the type "Free text". The best way to do this is to select "Star rating" as a vote type to allow prioritization. Enter your holiday destinations and allow your participants to make their own proposals. Save, invite and vote. The holiday destination is chosen.

When starts and ends our trip? With another PollUnit find out which time period is most suitable for you and your friends.

And last but not least, who brings the toothpaste, suncream, board games, cards, dinghy and everything else you need for your perfect holiday? You can distribute tasks with the PollUnit target "Distribute options optimally".

For more information, check out our tutorials.

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Plan your holidays online

New Poll Type: Time periods

Our newest feature: time periods!
From now on, You can also set the duration of appointments.
Thus, it is easier now to vote with Your friends from when to when You go exactly on vacation.
As with the previous appointments, there are time period options with and without time.

Have fun with it!

Published at: 2017-04-21 05:06 AM

New Poll Type: Time periods
New Poll Type: Time periods

Online surveys in their own design

Online surveys in their own design

You want to find an appointment for your birthday, a team event for your company or distribute tasks for your wedding? Your online survey should have it's own design? Then you are right at PollUnit.

With PollUnit, you can quickly create an online survey. You can choose from different survey types. PollUnit helps you to make decisions, to distribute tasks, to prioritize your ideas and, if you want, to do everything in your own design.

When you create your PollUnit, you can choose from a variety of designs or themes. You'll find matching themes for barbecues, hiking and much more. Also neutral design for serious polls are available free of charge at PollUnit. You can also upload your own photo, choose different colors and customize the appearance of your online survey.

Check out our tutorial for creating your own themed polls.

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Online surveys in their own...

Suggest own dates

Finding dates in a group is not always easy. The eternal back and forth until a suitable time was found can be quite annoying.

With PollUnit you can spare yourself and your friends these difficulties or at least speed up this process. With our date-finding tool, you can create a simple survey. In this survey, you propose different dates to your participants. Share the link to your online survey by email or WhatsApp, or send automatic invitations. Now your participants can accept your appointments. The appointment with the most votes "wins".

But what if none of the dates fit for all participants? With PollUnit your participants can propose their own appointments (if you wish). So you will find the best date together.

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Suggest own dates
Suggest own dates

Evaluate ideas and topics online

Evaluate ideas and topics online

PollUnit offers the possibility to create surveys, in which the participants can not only answer yes and no. The voting types 'Star Rating' and 'Dot-Voting' are suitable for evaluating your ideas and topics.

This is useful, for example, to prioritize specific time periods during the time-finding. However, there are many possibilities for using a valuation tool such as PollUnit, especially in professional everyday life.

For example, your team collects a wealth of ideas through brainstorming. This huge number of options can be evaluated and filtered using 'Star Rating' or 'Dot-Voting'. This can be done privately, but also in the team. The vote is possible both publicly and anonymously. Since PollUnit updates the result in real-time (no reload of the page necessary), each team member can submit his / her evaluation on his / her computer, but also immediately sees each vote of the other.

Use PollUnit to plan the topics for your retrospective. Each of the participants can propose their own topics and evaluate them and other topics. The subjects with the most votes are then discussed first.

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Evaluate ideas and topics o...